Wednesday, 09/15/10

21 Double unders
15 Kettlebell swings (53/35)
9 Toes-to-bars

Post rounds completed to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

8 rounds + DU's, KBS's and 7 KTE's

Did knees to elbows the whole time.
My grip was destroyed after the 3rd round.

JC said...

7 Rounds

Mixed DUs and singles throughout. Still working towards consistent DUs.
Had to use some bounce off the ground to assist with the toes to bar.

Adam said...

8 rounds + DUs; used 35 lbs. KB, still need to work on getting to the heavier weight. DUs were unbroken throughout and KTB were pretty solid for first 5 rounds.

JWM said...

8 rounds + DUs and 9KBS

My DUs were pitiful today with the worn out grip so I need to hit those harder especially when I am tired!

kseki said...

6 rounds + KBs and 6 Toes to Bar
Still having trouble stringing DUs together. Definately slowed me down.

Pauly D said...

7 rounds + 17 DUs. Pauly needs some work with the toes to bar...cheated a bit with toes to floor then to bar.

Anonymous said...

9rds + DUs and KB swings.

Grip strength was definitely a limiting factor, although using a hook grip on the TTB seemed to help.

ErinM said...

7 rounds + tuck jumps + KBS + 7 Ankles to the Bar (two away from 8 rounds)

35 lb KB

Replaced double unders with 84 single unders/21 tuck jumps

Chris said...

9 rounds.

Jason said...

6 rounds + DUs

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Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Chris M said...

7 Rounds, 34lb KB. DUs were rough and did mostly a 4:1 ratio and toes to bar quickly progressed to KTEs which quickly progressed to flail on the bar.

EB said...

8 rounds + DUs

Grip strength needs work

Kings said...

8 rds and change.

Good workout. Agree with it being tough on the hands. DUs actually went a little better than usual.

Joseph said...

7 rounds (i think), sub 4:1 on DUs, and KTEs.

Tam said...

7 rounds

Anonymous said...

7 rounds + 20 DU's

did knees to elbows after two rounds
and used 35lb kettle bell

jr said...

7 rounds + DUs. Need to work on my DUs. It took 4 rounds until I got a rhythm going with my DUs. Awesome WOD!