Monday, 09/06/10

Several of you are spread across the country but that does not mean you shouldn't find 30-60 minutes to get your daily CrossFit on!  To help facilitate we are posting two WODs for you today.  The first WOD is one you can do if you are near a gym.  The second one requires no equipment which means you have no excuse for not doing it!  Choose one of the two and have an awesome Labor Day!

WOD #1:
For time:
Row 1000m
50 barbell thrusters (45/33)
30 pull-ups

WOD #2:
AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
10 push-ups
10 tuck jumps
10 squats

Post WOD choice and time  or number of rounds to comments.

Click here to check out an informative study written by a few officers at Command and General Staff College including one of the Black and Gold CrossFit early members, MAJ  Wylie.


JWM said...

Arvin opens at 0930 tomorrow. I am planning to be there then if you want to join.

Joseph said...

13 rounds, kinda low intensity wasn't feelin it

Tex said...

There will be a Beast Skills workshop ( in Westwood, NJ on Columbus Day weekend. Only $60 if you sign up before September 15. Here is the link to sign up. Looks like a great time.

JC said...

14 Rounds of WOD #2

The tuck jumps definitely get the heart rate going

On a separate note. Had to do some make-up work this weekend while away in Philly. Did the 50XDL and 1.2 mile run WOD from last week. My hotel was conveniently about a mile from the Philly Museum of Art (i.e. The Rocky Steps) so I worked them into the mix as well. One of the most fun WODs I've done in awhile.

JWM said...

8:25 as Rx'd

THS set in big time and I was feeling way too sorry for myself on the last 15 pull-ups. Cashed out with 100 DUs (which were pretty week). Fun small group this morning and Adam is making mad progress on his DUs!

JC, sounds like an awesome WOD. I can just imagine "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background of your WOD.

Adam said...

WOD #1 - it was around 11 minutes, my watched reset on the timer half way thru the thrusters, so not sure of exact time.

Did the 100 DUs cashout at 2:14, I think I finally found the groove. Thank you Buddy Lee!

Maj said...

Showed some Ukrainians how we do CrossFit.

5 rounds for time
5 x Bar muscle ups
20 x Squats
1 x 300m run (approx.)

Time: 11:11

ErinM said...

First time posting.

WOD #1
About 12:30 minutes.
Thrusters were a lot of fun.

0530 - Run to the radio tower, nap, then Crossfit WOD.

kseki said...
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MikeRothenb said...

Just a light run today. Got a great workout in at Crossfit Hoboken in NYC this Saturday, a fellow cadet and I came in at #1 representing B&G well in a partner wod:

500m row per person
20 burpees per person
2 20m sandbag carries
another 2 20m sandbag carries
20 burpees
400m run

Fragile X said...

7:19 on WOD 1

baby huey said...

Wod one


Tex said...

WOD #1

Had to sub 50 squats and 50 push-ups for thrusters and did strict pull-ups. Shoulder is just not there yet.

kseki said...

9:42 as Rx'd
WOD #1
Didn't realize until right before I started that it was thrusters not push presses. Mentally broke me down. THS on thrusters.

Joseph said...

07:29 for WOD 1

ChadC said...

WOD #1

9:25 as rx'd

Pauly D said...

Wod 1. 10:05