Wednesday, 11 January

5 Rounds for Time:
12 x Push press (95/65)
12 x Rowers (ab exercise)
24 x Double-unders (3:1 sub single-under for D/U or 1:1 sub with tuck jumps)

Post time to comments.


njc said...


Single-unders (still) and I scaled to 65# and was pretty happy with my form.

MikeRothenb said...

8:28 as Rx'd

jck said...

65# and need to work on double unders.


Adam said...

great job this morning by a large morning crew!

9:10 as rx'd with all double-unders unbroken. The push press crushed me after round 2 and I had to start breaking up into smaller sets of 4 - 6.

Good to see Matt back in action after a short hiatus!

Mickey said...

11:01 at 65.

Gotta work on everything lol.

Shoulders were probably the limiting factor though. Double unders aren't so hot either.

Mack said...


@ 95#, tuck jumps, and 8 sec waiting for a bar

Patrick said...

9:33 scaled to 65# and tuck jumps

Pauly D said...

8:03. I miss my boy vinnie.

jswobe said...


Those push presses were tough...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


First true CF day back since 16 December. I felt like I was sand bagging.

As Rx'd: 9:04