Friday, 27 January


Overhead squats

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD.  Focus on technique.

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Mickey said...


Felt good to do some ohs. its been a long time.

Adam said...

nice work by the dedicated few who came out to build the foundation of fitness. Strength days aren't sexy, but they help provide the base by which you build the capacity to do the fun stuff and hit PRs on named WODs.

Thanks to Matt for the coaching.


I was not feeling it today and kept struggling with maintaining balance at the greater loads.

njc said...


Wish I went heavier, but overall very happy with this morning. Next time I'll go a little more out of my comfort zone.

After the WOD.... 24 unbroken DUs!! It might have finally clicked. It's a good day.

njc said...

I feel weak after watching this video:

Adam said...

thanks njc, now I feel like I need to go back and lift more as well! She's a beast for her size!!

jswobe said...


1. The last rep *probably* would have been a "no-rep" at the games, but... (see #2)

2. Not having bumper plates or a good place to dump the weight makes OHS weight days challenging!


Video Extra: Ben Smith (took 3rd at the CF Games this out in his garage...20 years old) doing a 360-lb OHS. Wow...

MikeRothenb said...

ive got a long way to go with overhead squats...but im slowly getting better