Thursday, 12 January

5 x deadlift (see load by category below)
7 x knees to elbows
9 x burpees

** Loads vary by deadlifting experience
                  beginner = body weight - 50 lbs.
                  intermediate = bodyweight
                  advanced = bodyweight + 50 lbs.
NOTE:  As always, scale weight to your ability level, even if that means you do less than as prescribed above.  Don't hurt yourself by doing more than you should.

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Will Tucker said...

I don't come to Crossfit while I'm at the Point (usually because it's too early) but I've just realized that following the WotD was a really good way to stay accountable here in France for semester abroad.

Also realized I'm not in as good of shape as I'd like (knees to elbows wrecked me). Did the intermediate level 8 times, was on the 9th round of deadlifts when time ended.

jck said...

2 burpees shy of 9 rounds. 185# on Deadlifts.

Going from one bar event to another took its toll on my hands.

Adam said...

@ Will Tucker - that's great you've gotten into the program in France - keep up the fire!

as for the WOD I did:
7 rounds + 3 burpees w/ BW + 50 (235 lbs.)

I agree w/ jck - grip strength was the limiting factor!

ErinM said...

7 rounds + KTE + 7 burpees

It's a good WOD when the rest is the burpees.

Patrick said...

8 rounds + 1 burpee

Deaflift @ 135#...prob will go heavier next time

Mickey said...

9 rounds even at 165 DL. Hands definitely were not feeling so great this morning after all that.

jswobe said...

8 rounds + DLs

185# on DL (stayed w/ my bodyweight today...more next time...)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


That was awesome. I was so focused on not dying during the burpees, I forgot about my hands.

As Rx'd, BW + 50 (235lbs): 9 rounds plus 3 deads.

Mickey said...

IAW my new year's resolution I did my weekly upper body strength workout after lunch today.

3x5 bench at 160. last set went to failure at 7 reps.

New PR for me.