Wednesday, 1 February

On FRIDAY our WOD will be at Gillis Field House at 0530 in the morning.  Gillis is currently open Mon, Wed, and Fri from 0530 - 0730.  We will use the track on Friday, so plan ahead.

Today's WOD will be an individual effort, but done in teams of 4 in order to save space and resources.

Teams of 4
4 Rounds with 1 minute per exercise w/ 30 secs rest in between
Wall climbs
Push-press (75/45)
Burpee Box Jumps
20 meter sprints

NOTE:  After 1 minute of the exercise, you will rest 30 seconds while recording your individual score and rotating to the next exercise.  It does not matter what exercise you start with, but you should maintain a consistent rotation so that others in your group are not confused


MikeRothenb said...

164 reps
that was a good 'un

Mickey said...

lost count in the first round and never recovered it.

Good workout though.

Adam said...

for all those who did the WOD this morning - you are warriors! That was a tough one and everyone did a great job fighting through! I almost didn't make it in this morning because of my cold, but I'm glad I did. That was a nice kick in the teeth!!

Total: 149.9
WC: 8+5+4+5 = 22
PP: 17+14+14+13 = 58
BBJ: 12+10+10+10 = 42
S: 8+7.9+6+6 = 27.9

ELThomas said...

I lost count in the first round too, definitely should have taken a note pad.

Brutal WOD though, that was great stuff

Matt said...


I felt like I wanted to crawl up in the corner and suck my thumb. I can't imagine what Adam felt like.

As rx'd: 174.8
WC: 7,4,4,4
PP: 20,20,22,23
BBJ: 10,10,11,10
S: 8,7.8,7,7

Adam said...

after Round 1, I felt like I was half-dead and the feeling only got worse after that point! My chest cold definitely made breathing hard and it easy to find excuses for not pushing even harder!

For me, that ranked in the Top 10 for most brutally awesome WODs we've done...but tomorrow might top out at #1...stay tuned and see everyone there!!!

jswobe said...

159 reps

Good WOD...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Mack said...

sick with food poisoning