Thursday, 2 February

On FRIDAY our WOD will be at Gillis Field House at 0530 in the morning.  Gillis is currently open Mon, Wed, and Fri from 0530 - 0730.  We will use the track on Friday, so plan ahead.

For today's WOD, find a medicine ball that you love and don't put it down!  Once you start the WOD, if you put your medicine ball down or drop it, the you owe a push-up penalty of 15 hand-release push-ups on the spot before you can pick it back up and continue on.

Wall ball shots
Weighted pull-ups (with med ball between legs)
Lunges with medicine ball overhead
Sit-ups with medicine ball on chest

NOTE:  Scale as needed, especially for the pull-ups. This will be a tough one to make it through as rx'd.

Post time and number of penalties you had to comments.


Will Tucker said...

Gym doesn't have medicine balls so I just grabbed a 10kg (22lb.) plate instead. However, I found that keeping the weight between my legs or feet for the pull-ups was pretty much impossible so I had to nix the weight for that as well as the penalties.

9:50 otherwise

Mickey said...

12:23 as rx'd with a 20lb ball

2 penalties for dropping the ball during pullups.

Adam said...

13:06 as rx'd w/ 20 lbs. ball

No penalties, but it definitely smoked me!

Nice push by the morning crew!

ELThomas said...

12:03 as rx'd with a 20lb ball

No penalties, but those pullups were brutal

Matt said...


Not as bad as yesterday and the day before, but a great WOD

As Rx'd with no penalties: 11:53

ErinM said...

15:24, not as rx'd. 12 lb, scaled to regular pull-ups on the first and last rounds (so 2 penalties) and scaled to jumping pull-ups on the middle round.

jswobe said...


16-lb ball

1 penalty

Other than trying to hold that damn ball w/ my legs (hence my penalty), that was a fun WOD.

And not near as big of a suck as yesterday...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

njc said...

12:24 as Rx'd

fun one