Wednesday, 29 February

HAPPY LEAP DAY - let's use the extra day of the year to fire up that metabolism and increase our work capacity while running.

Today we will meet at Gillis Field House for some running.  There are typically only a FEW brave souls who come to Gillis, so consider this a call-out to all those who choose to stay in the rack and skip out on the WOD because Gillis is too far away.  Come and join us - your body will appreciate it!

Partner WOD - Max Distance in 22 minutes:
Run 600 meters = 3 laps (partner rests)
Rest (partner runs 600 meters)

Post distance covered and partner's name to comments.


njc said...

Ok, called out.
I'll try to be there, although I'm having some leg issues so I'll have to see how I feel in the morning.

Adam said...

njc - leg issues are forgivable and definitely understandable, it is those with motivational issues I was calling out. Do what you can, when you can, where you can. Sometimes taking a few days off is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Adam said...

okay, so we had to modify the WOD for a few reasons - 1) Gillis was closed, 2) we only had a 400m track at our disposal, 3) we had 3 brave souls who showed up, which made the partner thing tough.

So it became - alternating between running 800m and 400m with equal work, rest cycle in between. It averages out to running 600 meters and stil has the rest component.

Adam said...

in total I ran 3 x 800m and 2 x 400m and finished 45 seconds prior to the 22 minute mark.

800m: 2:58
400m: 1:21
800m: 3:15
400m: 1:23
800m: 3:16

Mickey said...


400's were about 1:30ish each
800's were about 3:15ish

1.75 mile total

Matt said...


The sprint/interval WODs hurt in such a good way. As much as they suck, they are really important.

I finished 3x800s and 2x400s with 6seconds to spare.

ELThomas said...

Feeling like a bit of a coward for not being there this morning, BUT I did get in a run yesterday afternoon if that's any consolation - 5k in 21:15

With the firstie APFT fast approaching, I'm steadily working towards my best one yet..