Saturday & Sunday, 11 - 12 February

After a tough week I can gladly say it is REST DAYS for the weekend....but, before you completely slug out, be sure to think about the folks from Black and Gold who will be competing in the Albany CrossFit throwdown this weekend!  Mike_R, njc, Sean, and others will be heading up to Albany and going all out on Saturday to represent Black and Gold.  Best of luck with the WODs fellas (and ladies if any are competing)!!!!!!!!!! 

I will post pictures and results when they are available.

Secondly, if you are interested in competing in the CrossFit Games Open, check out  It is relatively cheap $20, but DEFINITELY NOT mandatory.  We will still do the WODs, but even if you are not a competitor you will still do them just the same.  If joining the team, then make sure you select 'Black and Gold CrossFit' as your affililate. 

Get ready for another awesome week that starts bright and early Monday morning! 

Stay fired up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


leighgust said...

can someone post the directions to the box or venue the throwdown is taking place? Eric and I may crash...

leighgust said...

or just the address??!! Thanks!

Adam said...

Leigh - cheer loudly for me!
Address and directions at the link below:

If you go to CF Albany's site, they have the Heat times listed (start at 0900 and go until 1130 or so). Our guys are spread out throughout those times. Take some pictures!!!

Jordan Inman said...

Good luck to all at the Throwdown. Wish we had been able to make it.

leighgust said...

Adam, we didnt make it. I chickened out at the last minute when I thought about taking three children over there...I am bummed because it looked really fun. We should host a mini-competition/hero WOD here at USMA where we can collect all the CF'ers and other trashtalkers and see who comes out on top. :)

Adam said...

Leigh - I was hoping for an update, I haven't heard anything yet...oh well, guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

As for the West Point WOD...there will be one this spring. I'm working with MWR, even though they are 'excited' about the idea, they never get back with me, so it might just be a WOD without any backing of MWR or status of a 'competition.' Once the weather warms up, we will do something at South Dock and cook out afterwards. should be fun

njc said...

Results haven't been posted on the Albany CF site yet, but here's what I've got:

Men's Competitive Division:
Chandler Smith ('15) - 8th place
Ben Smith ('13) - 3th place

Men's Recreation Division:
Mike Rothenberger ('12) - 3rd place
Sean Fullam ('14) - 2nd place

The Rx WODs were something like this:
WOD 1:
AMRAP 8 minutes
9x box jumps (30")
3x front squat (185#)

WOD 2:
3 rounds for time
20x chest-to-bar PU
10x ground to overhead

WOD 3:
6 minutes to establish 1RM, ground to overhead with an axle (thick bar) (intent was to test the "continental clean")

THEN 4 mins rest THEN

6 minute row for distance

WOD 4:
3 round for time
7x deadlift
14x pistols (7 each leg, alternating)
21x double-under (must be unbroken)

Then the top 8 men and women competed in the finals, "The Eliminator." Basically, each round of it consisted of a couplet for time, and the last person exercising was knocked out. They did this 7 times until they had the champion for men and women.

Overall, we all had a great time, learned some weaknesses we have to work on, and I personally enjoyed getting my first comp under my belt. And we were smoked at the end of it. Below is the link to the pictures my dad took at the gym.