Thursday, 1 March (WOD posted)

Alright, so the cat is out of the bag - the Games WOD for FRIDAY will be lots of snatches starting at 75 lbs. and working up from there.  Watch the Games WOD video and standards so you can practice tomorrow during your warm-up.

As a result, the WOD for today will be:

5 rounds for time
8 x hand release push-ups
7 x weighted pull-ups (20/12)
6 x hand release push-ups
5 x explosive jumps (jump off of 2 feet and touch a target approximately 1' beyond your reach with one hand)
Rest 1 minute & repeat

Post time to comments.


njc said...


Fun one, mainly because I didn't finish last as usual, haha.

Some snatch work and Handstands at the end.

Adam said...


The pull-ups really slowed me down..who would have known that 20 lbs would feel so heavy! I worked on some snatches afterwards.

ELThomas said...

7:35 with some ab work thrown in afterwards

Mickey said...


Pullups killed me. Did mostly strict. Somehow pulled up a few jumping at the end while still managing to hold the ball between my legs.

Snatches after. Oral surgery later today. Hopefully I'll be back sometime next week. Good luck tomorrow everyone.

Matt said...


I did this one in my garage. Fatherly duties have me home today and most of tomorrow. I used an old homemade medball (basketball filled with sand, 22-25lbs) so it really sucked trying to keep it between my legs. Dynamax medballs are so much easier. Everything was done unbroken.


jswobe said...


Subbed ring pull-ups w/ 25-lb weight