Saturday - Sunday ,18 - 19 February


Note - I will post a WOD for Monday, but I realize a lot of folks will be out and about.  Do what you can, when you can, where you can!!!!!!!  Functional fitness is easy because it can be done using a whole host of different objects with different movements, etc.

Also, if you are interesting in competing in the CrossFit Games, then register on the mainsite (see the tab for CrossFit Games or CrossFit Open - top left) and make Black and Gold your affiliate.  You DO NOT have to register in order to do the WODs, but if you want to be able to report your scores and be ranked regionally/nationally, then you have to do it.


baby huey said...

Adam do you have any more shirts left?

Adam said...

yep, M and XL, no L for now. Hit me up at to coordinate