Tuesday, 28 February

Today we will link-up in the '62 room and then upstairs to the basketball courts for a fun one.

10 x burpees
15 x alternating jumping lunges
20 x double-unders (1:1 tuck jumps or 1:2 single-unders)
25 yard shuttle run (5 yards, 5 times)
Rest 90 seconds

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Mickey said...

I'll be absent in the morning. Got an APFT in the afternoon.

See everyone on Wednesday

Adam said...

APFT = easy day of PT! Go get 'em Mickey, let us know how you do!

njc said...

5 rds

stuck with double unders throughout, but experienced some THS towards the end.

Adam said...

great showing by the morning crew today! I've seen a lot of improvement in double-unders - your hard work is paying off!

Matt convinced me to do this as rx'd with 8 rounds for time, as opposed to a 20 min AMRAP.

For the AMRAP 20, I completed 7 rounds and was into the rest period.

I did 8 rounds in 21:48 (not counting the rest after the last round). Jumping alt lunges were by far the worst part of that!!

Adam said...

here was the original WOD on the mainsite a few days back; you can read some of the comments and see other times, etc.


Mack said...

21 seconds of rest remaining to make it a full 7 rounds

MikeRothenb said...

completed 8 rounds

Matt said...


As Adam said, I talked him into doing it Rx'd. Mike, you were actually the reason for that, you were moving at a good clip.

8 rounds in 20:40, not including the last 90 sec rest.

jswobe said...

7 rounds

Good WOD.

ELThomas said...

7 rounds w/ tuck jumps...still can't master the DU

ErinM said...

6 rounds + burpees + 4 jumping lunges

Definitely felt it during the jumping lunges

njc said...

i guess if Erin did 6+, then i did 6 complete. Good push

Mickey said...

Scored a 285 on the APFT today.

72 Pushpus
83 Situps
14:04 Run

Best APFT I've taken...ever..

Thanks for smoking me every morning and helping me do the best I can.

Adam said...

Mickey - you deserve all the credit for your success - after all it is you who enables yourself to be smoked, you who puts forth the effort, and therefore you who have made some serious gains! Congrats and heres to the future gains that will certainly come!