Wednesday, 8 February

For time:

Bike 1 mile
5 rounds for time:
8 x Deadlift (load = body weight)
8 x Pull-ups
Run Super Gym Loop (basement to very top of Stairway to Heaven, run width and length of top floor, and down the stairs, back to '62 Room)

NOTE:  Scale load as needed.

Post time to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

bodyweight is 175, used 185lbs.
probably shouldnt have done the mainsite workout yesterday, my back is fried

Mickey said...


165 DL. That one was rough.

You guys are studs. Always impressive to see how badly i get beat every day.

Adam said...

I second Mickey's comment - great effort by a lot of folks this morning!

12:44 w/ 185 lbs

The final 3 rounds smoked me and I just couldn't stay on the bar. Nice push by Matt!

ErinM said...

Very close to getting that one as Rxed!

First 3 rounds: 135#, next 2 at 115#.

My hands are raw meat now.

And it took me 18:54.

jswobe said...

OK...just want to clarify: it's the bike, then, 5 rounds of DLs & PUs, and then one "super gym loop" at the end (or some equivalent distance).


Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

jswobe - we had to do a sub today because all the bikes were being used, so we did a super gym loop, then 5 RFT (DLs and Pull-ups), once complete with that, then ended w/ 1 x super gym loop. In total you do 2 x super gym loops, 40 x DLs and 40 x pull-ups.

ErinM - nice work this morning! Your form on DLs got better as you progressed! You should tape your hands to save them from the hamburger treatment!!

Matt said...


BW 180, and I did 185. The super gym loop made this one just that much worse. I thought I was going to die on the second gym loop.


jswobe said...

So I did:

Bike 1 mile
-- then --
5 rounds:
8 x Deadlifts (200-lbs)
8 x pull-ups
-- then --
Run 600m


I'm not sure what happened, but I had nothing today...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

njc said...

dragged my CO along this afternoon and taught him how to deadlift.. much less crowded at 1445!

I was in the zone today. Forgot my watch, so went off an unreliable timer and some guesswork.

Super looped at the beginning and end.
155# DL (I weigh just under 160.. probably could have gone heavier)

right around 9:00

ELThomas said...

12:06 as Rx'd (145lb) w/ 2 gym loops

And I agree with you jswobe, I felt like I was towing along a trailer today..