Tuesday, 14 February

Happy Valentine's Day - now come give your heart a workout and help work off all the candy you are going to eat!  This one doesn't look like much, but I promise you, it will rock your world!

7 x Knees to elbows
5 x Sumo deadlift high-pull (115/75)
3 x Front squat (115/75)
Rest 3 minutes, then Valentine's Day cash-out (because everyone LOVES burpees!)
Max # of burpees in 1 minute

NOTE:  Scale weight as needed based on your ability.  Don't do more than you should.

Post number of rounds & number of burpees to comments.


Mickey said...


9 rounds + a few kte at the end

Cashout: 20 burpees. Thankfully, that minute went a lot faster than I thought it would.

Adam said...

that was a great way to spend Valentine's with those I love - KTEs, SDHPs, Front Squats, and burpees!

As rx'd was TOUGH = 7 rounds + 7 KTEs
Burpees = 20
Fun = always!

MikeRothenb said...

sure, i "loved" it too.
I got 9 rounds + 5 SDHPs
20 Burpees

jck said...


8 rds + 5 SDHP + 2 Front Squats.

Tore my hands at the start of round 8 so substituted sit ups for knee to elbow.

21 burpees.

Mack said...

10 rounds + 7 k2e @ 95#

17 burpees

Matt said...


That was a great one.

As rx'd: 9 rounds on the nose, and 23 burpees.

jswobe said...

10 rounds

19 burpees

...bucking furpees...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

njc said...

7 rounds + 7 KTE + 3 SDHP

Using the thick bars on the squat racks saved the skin on my hands, but my grip was gone by round 4.

21 burpees

Adam said...

jswobe - you went as rx'd at hit 10 rounds? BEAST!!!!!!

ErinM said...

7 Rounds + 3 SDHP

Ouch. My SDHP form got better as I was more tired and had to concentrate on it to actually make the move. 65#

17 Burpees

EJ Gust said...

I'm a day behind, but another great WOD Adam! Those SDHPs were killing me toward the end!