Wednesday, 15 February

For today's WOD, you will start and end each round by running from the '62 Room up to Hayes Gym, climb the rope, and run 1.5 laps around the track before returning to the '62 Room.

Straight bar dips
Kettlebell swings (53/35)

NOTE:  You can do the dips on the weight racks where the 5 lbs. and 2.5 lbs. weights are held.
NOTE2:  In total you will do 4 runs/rope climbs (Run/rope, 21 dips & KBS, run/rope, 15 dips & KBS, run/rope, 9, and finish with run/rope)

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MikeRothenb said...

used the parallel bars in Hayes.
a very crowded Arvin this morning, but still a good workout

Adam said...

I got rocked this morning, I didn't feel like I had any gas in the tank. As rx'd 16:16

Nice work by the small, but mighty morning crew despite the cramped conditions!!

Mickey said...

As rx'd

15:32. Lots of traffic this morning.

Seems there is a shortage of mirrors and curl bars for cadets who are trying to prepare for spring break.

Mack said...

13:27 back in the '62 room

njc said...

14:25 or 14:35... I forget

Matt said...


I felt like being stupid this morning and scaled up. I did the exercises unbroken but I felt like lead on the run.

70lbs KB and ring dips: 15:30

jswobe said...

Subbed 5 x towel pull-ups & 5 x strict knees to elbows for rope climb + 200m run

Dips w/ 15-lb weight


Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

JWGarcia said...

11:31 without the first rope climb/run. didnt read the workout right and missed that part.