Friday, 17 February

Although today is part of the 4 day weekend, it doesn't mean you should skip out on hitting a WOD!  Arvin opens at 0900, so if you are planning to go, post when you are heading there to comments, so we can potentially get a group together.


Post loads to comments.

Note - I won't be able to make it, I'm moving, so I will be deadlifting a whole lot of boxes for the entire weekend!!!


ErinM said...

Would anyone like to head over to Arvin at 0900? I'll be there.

Matt said...

Arvin opens at 0530 on Friday. It opens at 0900 on Monday. I double checked this morning.

jswobe said...



Adam said...

yeah, I'm moving from one housing area to another on post. Nothing too exciting other than my long weekend blown and a headache for the next week or so.

Matt - Arvin is open at 0530? Really?? I know it isn't a federal holiday, but surprising. I don't think anyone will be there.

Matt said...


I had a good early morning WOD.


That is the best I have felt with dead lifts in a long time.

Matt said...

I just realized I skipped the sets of two. I am not in the habit of doing twos. Oh well, at least I was able to something today.

ErinM said...

Wow. Empty Arvin this morning. Sorry I missed the 0530 group, but I had the CCQ until midnight.

I first ran the IOCT 5 times in a row, resting the time it took to walk from the finish line to the start.
That was wonderfully miserable.

Then, deadlifts:

I was super-shaky after the IOCTs.

Mickey said...

In my girlfriends garage with no bumper plates.. worked up to 275 then got scared of chipping the floor so started doing singles.

Ran out of weight at 330 which was a miss.
Top weight was 315. It was especially difficult having to gingerly set the weight down every time.

Bench after. 3x5 at 160. Wanted to go heavier but no spotter.

baby huey said...

205, 225, 245, 275, 295, 315, 335, 365(f)

Adam said...

Nice work by everyone! I moved a bunch of boxes and furniture today and more tomorrow and the next! No deadlifts for me today, but my posterior chain certainly got a workout!

Will Tucker said...

Been hard to check the WOTD and/or posts results since my host family's internet does not want to cooperate with my computer. Did this yesterday though.

In kilograms as always

My back will decide to get stronger someday...

jswobe said...

Posting late:

Finished w/ 365 x 1

I forget what I did on the way up. something like:


Not sure.