Friday, 3 February

CONGRATS TO THE FIRSTIES FOR GETTING THEIR POSTS!!!    I hope everyone got what they wanted!  Now come on down and work off those beers with a WOD!!

This morning we will meet at Gillis Field House at 0530 to warm up and then get after it.

Today's WOD is a partner relay WOD.  For your pair, max distance (in laps and partial laps) your terrible twosome can cover in 21 minutes.  

A few rules:
1)  Only 1 person can be running at one time.
2)  You and your partner get to choose the distance you want to run each leg.  While Person A is running, Person B is resting (refer to Rule #1) and vice versa upon tagging out.
3)  Your partner must 'tag out' with you, meaning that you and your partner have to be in the same place when the switch happens (you cannot look across the track and go once you partner gets to a certain spot).
4)  If you happen to be the odd person out or have to do the WOD alone, then simply run and then rest in equal amounts (i.e. if you run 400 meters in 1:30, then rest 1:30 before running your next leg).

Post partner's name and distance covered to comments.  Also, for our firsties, post your post selection!!!


Adam said...

It was great to see a small, but mighty crew there this morning! Anthony and Elliot are heroes for making it down there this morning, even after Post Night! It was great to see Sean and Mickey down there as well.

Matt and I completed 14 x 400m + 1 x 200m, 1 x 150m in 21:00 for a total distance of: 5950m (3.69 miles), which is a 5:41 min/mile pace.

Mickey said...

me and sean got 3.75 miles plus a little bit at the end.

Matt said...


Adam, thanks for crunching the numbers. That wasn't too bad for a couple of "old" guys. Actually, I'm running faster now than I was as a cadet.

Great WOD. We need to keep up with the speed work, no matter how sucky it is.

For the record, Adam ran the last full 200m. I only got 150m.

ELThomas said...

After digging deep to find the motivation to roll out of bed, Tony and I managed 3.625 miles this morning...for 5:48 min/mile

It felt good to get out and run, I should do it more often

ErinM said...

Running inside while it was a beautiful morning outside?

Sandhurst intervals at Shea this morning: 6x400m at 100%, 2x400m at 80%. I was consistent, but slow, staying within 2 seconds of 90 the entire time.