Friday, 24 February

Today we will do the Games WOD 12.1.  For those who are registered and competing in the games, your performance will be observed and judged.  For those not competing, you will still do the WOD, but will count your own reps and hold yourself to the high standards of performance.

The WOD is simple, yet brutal:  As Many Reps as Possible in 7 minutes of burpees.

NOTE:  If competing, please watch the movement standards video on the CrossFit main site. 
NOTE2:  The standards for the burpee include: thighs AND chest must make contact with the floor and you jump and touch a target 6" higher than your reach with BOTH hands. 
NOTE3:  If you want to learn more about how to do efficient burpees with several skill transfer demos, check out the series of videos

Post number of burpees complete to comments. 


Mack said...

I've been slacking, doing prep for the 100th Night Show. Tickets are still available at the Ike Hall box office: tonight at 1930 for the Corps (free, DG) and 2000 for Firsties (free) and officers ($15).

I'll miss tomorrow but crush that WOD Black and Gold!

MikeRothenb said...

104 painful burpees

have a great weekend!

Adam said...

so I learned something this morning - I'm worse at burpees than I thought! My lofty goal was 100, my realistic goal was 90, and I ended up at 80. No excuses on that one other than I got smoked!

Nice push this morning my Sean, Mike, and many others! Enjoy 100th Night!

Mickey said...

89 for me.

I too was going for 100 but quickly realized that it was not a realistic goal lol.

gotta love burpees...

njc said...

I wish I had gone a little harder in the middle, I still had some gas in the tank at the end and might have hit 100.

EJ Gust said...

112 Rx'd
Did anyone happen to read any of the comments about this WOD on the main site? I was disappointed by the arrogance of some people who said it was too simple of a workout. After coughing up my lungs on my garage floor, I would have to disagree with them. Maybe they didn't push themselves hard enough.

Adam said...

@ Eric - nice work - it's not too late to register for the Open!

As for the comments on the Main Site - it is hilarious reading on the remarks from people with a "1:30 Fran" time who always complain about everything. I think they have some issues.

Caleb said...

110 had to try it after I watch the video on the main site and saw the two female champs of last year doing it. Couldn't let them show me up. How do we sign up for the open?

PrimePursuit said...

because eric posted, i will too, though I have to admit i was bummed because i was trying catch adam. 72 as rx. It took a minute to figure out how to rig a 6" target. that was a fast, brutal seven minutes. i also had a few misses on the target. it was rather sad to have to jump again.
great job everyone today! you guys are awesome athletes. tomorrow's main site wod looks crazy i am trying to figure out what a women's rx would be. 1.5 x bw?

Adam said...

@ Prime Pursuit - nice work! You guys are the dynamic duo - more burpees combined under one roof than most households in America! As for the weight for Zimmerman, it probably should be 220 lbs. (70% of 315), but as always, scale to your ability. This looks like an amazing WOD and I'm putting it in for the week after next!

@Caleb - You can still register on-line for the Games, but you will have to redo the burpees and submit a video prior to Sunday night. 110 is smoking!

Matt said...


I did the WOD on Saturday.


Adam, we have to do that one on a "G-day" again. That is a great WOD.

jswobe said...

Posting late.

did the WOD on Saturday.


for not being very fancy, that was a pretty good one...