Tuesday, 7 February

For today's WOD we will warm up in the '62 room and then move upstairs to the basketball courts to knock it out.

20 x double-unders (or 1:3 single-unders or 1:1 tuck jumps)
10 x push-ups


20 x push-ups
10 x double-unders

Post rounds complete for each AMRAP to comments.


njc said...

A) 4 rds + 3 DU
B) 3 rounds + PU + 1 DU

not very many rounds, but stuck with double-unders the whole time, so I'm happy with that.

MikeRothenb said...

A -6 rounds + 20 DU's
B -5 rounds + 8 push-ups

Mickey said...

A) 6 rounds (single unders last round)

B) 4 rounds (knee pushups last round)

ouch i suck at double unders. my arms have some very impressive welts.

Adam said...

njc - nice work on the Double-unders!!

A) 7 rounds + 6 p/u
B) 4 rounds + 7 p/u

Double-unders were unbroken for all rounds...push-ups were not after the first few rounds of A!! Those push-ups got hard, REALLY fast!! Nice push by everyone - keep practicing those double-unders - it takes daily practice to master them!!

Mack said...

14 rounds total + 10 pushups at the end.

Subbed in tuck jumps for double unders for all rounds.

Matt said...


A) 7 rounds
B) 5 rounds + 6 pushups

I don't remember pushups being so hard.

jswobe said...

7 rds
4 rds

Those push-ups were hard...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ELThomas said...

A) 6 rounds
B) 5 rounds + 19 PUs

Took a shot at the DUs for the first few rounds and couldnt string them together, so I went with single unders instead

And, I too took a trip down struggle street on those pushups