Thursday, 16 February

Today we will do a spin on the classic tabata series.  We will do an inverse tabata in which you will do 10 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest and you will repeat for a total of 10 rounds per exercise. After your complete all 10 rounds (5 minutes total) you will move on to the next exercise and repeat.  Your score is determined by the lowest number of reps in a round for each exercise.

Inverse Tabata - 10 seconds work/20 seconds rest x 10 rounds
Double-unders (single unders or tuck jumps if you don't have a rope)

NOTE:  We will check out how crazy the '62 room is in the morning.  If too bad, we will move either up to Hayes or to the basketball courts.
NOTE2:  I predict push-ups will be brutal after double-unders...just sayin'.

Post score for each exercise to comments.


Mickey said...

Pullups: 5

After 2 rounds of utter failure, double unders turned into tuck jumps: 15

Pushups: 7

MikeRothenb said...

Double Unders: 11
Pushups: 10

Adam said...

sorry to have missed this morning, I was at the ER with my son from 0230 - 0400. He has the crup - a nasty barking cough - so sad. He got a breathing treatment and is doing better, but I was zonked out until 0615 this morning.

You've gotta love having kids!

ELThomas said...

Pullups: 5
Single Unders: 25
Pushups: 10

Still can't string together many DUs, but I'm still working at at

njc said...

crap! overslept this morning. I'll try to knock it out later.

Matt said...


Good work by the crew this morning. Let's see if I can remeber.

Pull-ups: 6
Double unders: forgot
Push-ups: 10

njc said...


ErinM said...

Major Grim,
I hope your son is doing better. Sorry to hear that he was sick.

Adam said...

thanks Erin - we will see how tonight goes!! He did okay during the day, but these crazy kid aliments usually get worse at night as all the mucus and stuff settles in their chest for the night.
I'm mad that I missed this morning, but only having 3 hours of sleep was a deal-breaker!!

jswobe said...

Subbed ring pull-ups for pull-ups (ouch...)

RPU: 3
DU: 11
PU: 9

I messed up one lousy set of double unders and ten seconds does not give you much time to recover from a mistake. Blast!