Monday, 30 January

Let's meet in the '62 room to warm up and then we will head to Hayes Gym for a two part WOD.

Part I - AMRAP 2 - Handstand push-ups - check out this awesome video with HSPU progressions and technique -


Part II - AMRAP 15 - Rope climb (15 feet) - compare to 29 AUG 2011

NOTE 1:  If you are an advanced rope climber, then start from the seated position.
NOTE 2:  If you don't have a rope to climb, do as many towel pull-ups as possible and post total number to comments.

Post total number HSPUs and rope climb ascents to comments.


njc said...

15.5 rope climbs from seated position


MikeRothenb said...

3 HSPUs, 9 modified HSPUs
17 rope climbs from standing

my leg is oooozing, ewwww

Mickey said...

12 HSPU strict, then a bunch of pike in the last 45-30 sec.

11 rope climbs + 1 epic failure at the end.

My legs are pretty torn up as well.

ELThomas said...

9 HSPUs plus a few modified
18 rope climbs from seated position

Lost a lot of good skin out there

Adam said...

Nice work by everyone this morning. If I've learned one thing, it's never challenge a cadet to a rope climbing contest! I need to work a lot of technique on the rope, as I use too much arms and not enough legs and my grip burns out quickly.

HSPU - 20
Rope climb - 14

And like most, I donated a good portion of my leg (especially behind my knee) to the rope this morning. Ouch!

Mack said...


16 rope climbs, from completely seated position

ErinM said...

16 very modified HSPUs
27 rope climbs (6 from seated, the rest were standing)

jswobe said...

No rope = sad face. :-(
Mod to towel pull-ups & knees to elbows (to mimick lifting the legs and pulling with the hands...still not the same...)

HSPU: 14
TPUs + KTEs: 42

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD