Thursday, 5 January

For today's WOD we will warm-up in the '62 room and then move to Hayes gym for the WOD.

Warm-up: 3 rounds, max time in handstand hold.  Rest 1 minute between each attempt.

Rope climb (15')
Run 200 meters (2.5 laps on the track)
Rest 1 minute (rest time starts at end of lap, so rest while walking down stairs and back to ropes for start of next round)

Post number of rounds to comments.


njc said...

5 rounds exactly

Ropes are kind of my thing

Mack said...

5 rounds + 1 hand away from an extra rope

jck said...

4 + the rope

Patrick said...

4.99 rounds. Me and Leo ran into the hallway on the track as the first group hit 12:00.

Never thought I'd say it but, thank goodness for Military Movement.

Adam said...

it was awesome to see a bunch of folks there this morning! Nice push by everyone.

I'm with Patrick, I did 4.99 rounds - actually finished the 5th round in 12:02.

I will have to check w/ DPE, but I think I had the distance a bit off, it was probably more like 300 - 350 meters, not 200.

MikeRothenb said...

for warmup my handstands were around 30 seconds each. also did 5x5x5x5x5 squats at 135.

completed 5 rounds at 11:45.

ErinM said...

Handstands: 48/56/76 (lost balance at the end)

4.85 rounds? (Missed finishing 5 by about 10m)

Adam said...

For everyone's knowledge, I found out from DPE that each lap is 137.5 meters long, so we ran 343 meters with each round today...a bit over the 200 meters prescribed.

This info will help in the future!

Mickey said...

Finished my 5th round at 3 seconds past 12 min.

Felt like each round got faster as I went.

jswobe said...

No rope, so I had to sub a little:

5 x towel pull-ups
5 x knees to elbows
5 x pull-ups
250m run
1-minute rest

4 rounds complete

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD