Wednesday, 18 January

Round robin WOD in groups of 3

This is an individual WOD, but in order to conserve space and equipment, it will be done in a group of 3 folks.  Each person in the group will start with a different exercise and rotate through so that at the end of the round, all 3 folks have done all 3 exercises.  The group then rests for 1 minute and then repeats the sequence another 3 times.  Try to get in a group of people with similar strength so one barbell can be used for the group.  If you need to scale, then by all means, scale. 

Do AMRAP 1 for each event

4 Rounds for max reps of:
Power clean (95/65)
Double-unders (sub with tuck jumps or single-unders)
Strict pull-ups
Rest 1 minute

NOTE:  One minute timer will continously run, so for max score you will need to minimize transition time between events. 

Post total number of reps for all events to comments.


C V said...
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C V said...

Great article by West Point Grad ('00) and Rugby Player Duncan Smith about Crossfit and its military connections. It's published to at:

Will Tucker said...

As I started the first round of tuck jumps (no jump ropes that I could find) I knew this would suck. It did.

Unfortunately I can't remember my reps, was too worried about breathing to count.

Mickey said...

added it up...175.6. not so good.

did it as rx'd except for one round of double unders i subbed for singles. thats where the .6 came from.

double unders killed me. also lots of traffic while transitioning.

MikeRothenb said...

274 reps with 95lbs and double unders.
grip was a limiting factor for me

njc said...

42+26+48+51 = 167

95#, Single Unders, kipping pullups on round 4

I have no idea if that is accurate at all.. was my 2nd round really that bad?

Matt said...


Adam smoked the double-unders. He got over 100 in his first round. That being said, DUs killed me today. Usually I'm ok with them, but today I had trouble stringing them together.

As Rx'd: 198 w/ may be half of my reps being DUs.

Adam said...

Great to see a huge crew there this morning! I'm glad that we've had so many folks sticking with it this semester. Keep up the fire and if you are struggling, that is okay - it honestly takes about 6 months to get 'good' at most things CrossFit and becoming 'great' takes years!

Adam said...

As for the WOD, I did:
123+86+82+86 = 377 as rx'd.

As Matt said, my numbers were high because of double-unders, which I hit 105 for first round and high 60s for remaining rounds. That shows, however, that my pull-ups and power cleans were WEAK!!!

Good push by everyone!!

njc said...

Correction: my 2nd round was more like 38 now that i think about it. I only counted my single unders.

Overall: 179 (ish)

Awesome group this AM.

jck said...

168. Pull ups need a lot of work.

jswobe said...


That was fun. The last round of double unders was brutal!

...and I hate strict pull-ups!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD