Tuesday, 24 January

5 Rounds for Time

5 x Ring pull-ups
12 x Wallball shots (20/14)

Post time to comments.


ELThomas said...
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ELThomas said...

5:14...I lifted legs yesterday, and was definitely on struggle street during the wallball shots this morning.

I also got my first muscle-up yesterday, so I'm pretty pleased about finally reaching that milestone

Mickey said...

4:27 as rx'd. Looking at other people though i'm starting to think that i may have skipped the last round.

my mind goes blank sometimes and i lose count. sorry.

njc said...


but I'm on the same page as Mickey. I was convinced it was 5 rounds until after I finished. I guess I'll find out if I actually did 5 rounds when I do this workout again.

either way, had some good Arvin Lung at the end.

Finished with some handstands

Mack said...

3:48, need to work on wall ball shot form

Adam said...

good to see a lot of folks in there this morning for a swift kick in the legs, arms, and lungs!

Ring pull-ups got difficult very quickly!!

5:06 as rx'd.

For those who are having issues tracking their rounds, I always use the red clips on the floor, line them up and kick one out of the way after each round. When you are going all out, it is very easy to lose count, especially when you go over 4 rounds. It works great for AMRAPs too.

jswobe said...


that was fun, but too quick! (maybe seven rounds??)

Round Counting: For RFT WODs, I use 2.5-lb plates; line them up and toss them into a pile as you complete rounds. For AMRAP WODs, I use pennies; hold them in your pocket or line them up on the ground and drop them into something as you complete rounds.

...just don't forget to "do" whatever round counting method you choose between rounds...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

jswobe...but we don't have pockets in our PT shorts!!

jswobe said...

@Adam -- I know...I thought about the lack of pockets. That's why I said "or on the ground."

Damn PT shorts...