Saturday - Sunday, 21 - 22 January

Rest days - enjoy your weekend and the snow!

There is going to be a CrossFit throwdown in Albany, NY on 11 FEB for anyone interested.   I know a few folks from B&G might be entering.  Cost is $50 and I'm sure we can carpool if anyone is interested.  For the cadets, you will have to use a pass since it's outside the limits of OPPs.  If you REALLY want to go in order to compete, but don't have a pass, let me know.  I can probably work something out with your TAC.
 Check it out:

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njc said...

I live in Albany. I'm going to be sheltering probably 6 or 7 guys from B&G that weekend, so if you sign up and need a place to stay, let me know. I have plenty of floor space.

There's a recreational division too, for those people (like me) who have some "holes in their game" but still want to compete. Should be a good time.