Wednesday, 4 January

Welcome back everyone!  I hope the morning crew can make it to the '62 Room at 0530.  I'm not sure what the  schedule looks like or when cadet formations will be held, but I'm planning for a 0530 kick-off each day.

Reminder - LAST CHANCE to send in Christmas Leave CrossFit photos.  Right now I have a few and I will post them on Thursday night for voting.  Winner gets an old school B&G t-shirt!  Send pix to:

Wednesday WOD:

4 rounds for time:
25 x double-unders (sub 1:3 single-unders)
25 x sit-ups (feet anchored; APFT standard)
25 x wall ball shots (20/14 lbs. @ 10' target)

Post time to comments.


MikeRothenb said...


jck said...


Adam said...

12:15 as rx'd. DUs got a bit tough after a few rounds and WBs always suck after about 10 of them.

Great to see everyone back at it this morning! You guys fire me up!

njc said...

guess who brought the weak sauce today? this guy.

subbed single for DU, scaled to 12# WB after rd2

Adam said...


if HALF the cadets in the Corps possessed your level of weak sauce, then the APFT average would go UP by about 100 points! Keep up the fire man - good to see you back at it!!!

Mickey said...

I was brought the weak sauce today as well. Just can't get those quality of workouts while at home.

As rx'd until the third set of wall balls, dropped it to 12 because i couldn't find the 14.

14:06 all together. Going to hurt tomorrow I think.

Mickey said...

I brought*

Dont know how that "was" got in there.

Mack said...
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ErinM said...

Character building run with my plebe this morning on the MP Trail. Followed by a character building cold shower. Will be there tomorrow!

Mack said...

20# wall ball
3x single unders

Tam said...

12:50; one of my NCOs joined me for the first time!

jswobe said...


*15-lb med ball (biggest I have...for right now...)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD