Tuesday, 10 January

In anticipation of another big crowd in the '62 room, I had to modify it a bit and turn it into a partner WOD to help conserve resources.  It should still be an awesome one!
Partner WOD

2 Rounds for Time & max reps
Person A: Kettlebell swings (53/35) - max # until partner returns
Person B: Run Stairway to Heaven
Switch roles (A = Stairway, B = KBS), then
Person A: Medball cleans (20/14)
Person B: Run Stairway to Heaven
Switch roles (A = Stairway, B = MBC)

NOTE:  Each round each person will do KBS, 2 x Stairways, and MBC.  In total each person will do 2 x sets of KBS, run 4 x Stairway to Heaven, and 2 x sets of MBC.
Calculate score = Total number of reps completed (both people, both exercises) / total time (convert to seconds) required to complete.

Post partner's name and score to comments.


jswobe said...

Okay...for those who don't anticipate having a partner (possible, but I'm not holding my breath), what was the original WOD?

Adam said...


2 rounds of:
2 mins of KBS
2 mins of max distance on bike
2 mins max Med Ball Cleans
2 mins of max distance on bike

Not quite comparable, but should be similar.

njc said...

Before I forget:

MikeRothenb and Nick


174reps/705sec= .2468

There's something about Arvin that just sucks all the moisture out of your mouth, throat, and lungs. Love it.

Mickey said...

Wish i could say that was fun. It was a good workout though. I hate stairs.

Did it with Sean. He's the only reason we turned out decent.

198 reps/796 sec = .2487

Adam said...

It was great to see such a big crew this morning! Keep up the good work by all!

Leigh and I teamed up and completed 218 reps in 15:25 (925 secs) which works out to .236.

that was a tough one and my legs felt like rubber after the stairs.

ELThomas said...

A pretty humbling morning, I finally managed to convince a couple friends to join in on the fun

180reps/745sec = .2416

ErinM said...

Plebe/team leader duo:
104 KBS + 121 MBC = 225
13:50 (830 sec)

jswobe said...

OK, so I did the original WOD. Thank you, Adam.

KBS: 51, 46
MBC: 26, 23
Bike: 1.24km, 1.01km, 1.01km, 1.03km

That was tough!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD