Monday, 9 January

Welcome back to the Academic Year!  Hopefully everyone is rested and ready to battle with the Dean once again!  Start the semester off right by making a commitment to personal physical development and set that alarm for any early wake-up!

As you look at the semester ahead, try to manage your time wisely so that you can get all your work done in a timely manner AND get to bed at a reasonable time!  If you routinely stay up until after midnight, it makes it harder for you to get in the gym at 0530 and over time the lack of sleep will negatively effect your performance in the gym and in the classroom!   Both your mind and body need sufficient sleep for optimal performance!  Can you get away with sleeping 4 - 6 hours every night?  You certainly can, but your academic and physical performance will be measurably less than if you could get 6 - 8 hours of sleep every night.  Roommate keep you up late?  Drag them to Black and Gold with the early crew and I can guarantee they will be tired enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour!  

Okay, enough preaching to the choir!  See you all in the morning for the WOD!  

As for the photo contest, voting was extremely close, but Erin M. won by ONE VOTE!!!!!  Every vote counts in this race!  Thanks to all contributors and voters!!!


Cindy - AMRAP 20 - compare to 17 JAN 2011
5 x pull-ups
10 x push-ups
15 x air squats (touch and go your butt to a med ball to ensure full range of motion)

NOTE:  This is a killer workout and your hands can get punished if you are not careful.  Tape your hands, use chalk, wear lifting gloves, etc.  
NOTE2:  Pull-ups can either be strict or kipping with hands facing anyway you want (towards you, away, or mixed) - start with arms fully extended and get your chin above the bar.  Push-ups - touch your chest to the ground and then go to full lock out with arms.  
Scaling options - you can use jumping pull-ups or green assistance band if needed to maintain intensity; for push-ups you can drop to your knees; 

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


leighgust said...

I love this WOD. I can bring extra resistance bands for those who need them, I now have two 25lb and a 35 lb band.

Adam said...


njc said...

17 exactly... good push !

First time using them, but these definitely helped:

Mickey said...

Well... I counted 20 rounds with my lap counter thing on the watch, but after comparing with Sean I think it's safe to say that my count was wrong.

Guesstimating around 16 to 17.

The only thing I know for sure is I ended on a full round.

MikeRothenb said...

22 rounds, my arms are a little stiff now...
im gonna have to get some of those hand grips to save my skin

Adam said...

18 rounds + 5 pull-ups

PR by 2 rounds.

Great to see a bunch of folks in there this morning! Awesome job by the old timers and new folks as well!

Drink water, stretch, and get ready for another awesome one tomorrow!

Patrick said...

Almost got to 18 full rounds. I was on 13 squats when the clock hit zero.

Didn't realize how sore my hands would be...definitley have to use some tape next time.

Mack said...

22 rounds

ELThomas said...

After a hiatus lasting far too long,I finally got back in the saddle this morning... 17 rounds plus 5 pull-ups and 8 push-ups

jswobe said...

17 rounds

I "warmed up" with a 1.5 mile run around APG looking for a pull-up bar that I could monopolize for 20 minutes. With the departure of the Ordnance school and all of its Soldiers, all of the civilian agencies (or DPW??) have removed all of the pull-up bars that used to be outside of the DFACs. Consequently, there are no pull-up bars outside any of the old barracks around here. Unbelievable...

So, I am going to blame my lackluster performance on that little fruitless jaunt and the crappy pull-up bar in the APG gym (that is only 18" - at best! - away from the wall it is mounted on).

Yes - I'm whining! My crappy gym situation has me all bent out of shape. Just ignore me...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ErinM said...

16 rounds minus 3 squats.

Exciting morning!

Adam said...


That is CRAZY that there aren't any pull-up bars on post! I would request one from DPW right outside your office.

17 and change isn't shabby either!