Tuesday, 31 January

5 rounds for time

10 x squat cleans (95/65)
Run Stairway to Heaven

Post time to comments.


njc said...

scaled to 85

Really happy with my form !

What are us 2LTs going to do come May when we no longer have a Stairway to Heaven to treat ourselves to ?? That will be a sad, sad day.

MikeRothenb said...


Adam said...

sorry I missed this morning, this cold is kicking my butt and I woke up like a zombie at 0630.

njc - it will be a tough transition from the fully stocked '62 room and Arvin, to the cold realities of real life, but I'm sure you will figure it out!!

Mickey said...

19:00 as rx'd.

That one killed me. Probably could have/should have scaled down on the cleans.

jswobe said...

@njc - it can be frustrating! CF boxes are expensive (exorbitantly so!), and most cheap gyms do not like heavy Olympic lifts. It takes some creativity to make it happen.

And I haven't found a substitute for the STH anywhere (at least anywhere near where I might be doing a WOD).

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

jck said...

Went for a distance run instead.

Just under 3 miles - 17:56

ELThomas said...

16:25 scaled to 85#

Misery at its finest

Matt said...


As rx'd: 20:47 of pure suck. I don't think I did any extra rounds. The cleans weren't that bad, it was the stairway that destroyed me.

jswobe said...


10 x squat cleans (115-lbs)
600m on the bike (level 13)


1. My clean form seems to be better at 115. I think the heavier weight slowed me down, though...

2. I figured upping the level on the bike and doing it for approx 1 minute would *sort of* approximate the pain of the STH. Probably not, but... (see earlier post to njc)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ErinM said...

Scaled down to 45 lb from 65 after the first round.


Adam said...

I'm sad I missed this one. This darn cold is whipping my butt! I hope to make it in the morning, but my sinuses, throat, and nose might have other plans. Ugh.