Thursday, January 19

In the morning, I may not make it in (sick as a dog right now), so if I don't, MAJ Radik will be running the show.  Sorry if I can't make it in, you all fire me up!!


Run 1 mile

then rest for 3 minutes

4 x front squat (95/65)
4 x sumo deadlift high-pull (95/65)

NOTE:  For the run you have options - either run outside from Arvin to Koszcuiko's Monument and back (wear your reflective belt!), run on the treadmill, run 4 x gym loops, or run 11.7 laps on the Hayes Track.
NOTE2:  Scale weight as needed - your legs will be tired!

Post time for run and number of rounds complete to comments.


Will Tucker said...

Reacquainted myself with my old nemesis the treadmill.

Ran a 5:27 mile which was awfully satisfying, especially on a treadmill.

Then completed four rounds exactly except I was using 40kg (88 lbs.) because getting exactly 95 lbs. is impossible here.

I've never done front squat or the sumo deadlift high-pull before actually. Front squat was pretty simple and I liked it alot. As for the other... I think I need to approach it more like a deadlift and not worry about the pull as much.

MikeRothenb said...

I ran from the 62 room to kosciuszko's statue, taking me 6:20, then completed 6 rounds and 4 front squats, ending at 13:20.

It certainly has gotten cold out there, and i was chasing Sean the whole time, nice work bud.

Mickey said...

4x gym loop at 6:18.

5 rounds + 1 fs as rx'd.

ELThomas said...

I ran 4x the Gym Loop in 5:35, then completed 4 rounds + 3 front squats at 85#

And I'm finally starting to get used to waking up in the morning, which is nice

jck said...

4 Gym Loops - 6:38

5 rds as perscribed. Ya'll who ran outside are crazy.

Matt said...


Good group this morning. I ran from the 62 room out and back to the room.

As Rx'd: 7:33 and then 5 rounds + 1 front squat.

jswobe said...

Run - 7:13

6.5 rounds as Rx'd

(i need to run more...)

Good WOD...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

sorry I missed this morning, this bug is kicking my butt. I probably won't be in Friday morning either.

Nice work by one and all!

njc said...

4x gym loops 6:48

scaled to 85#
4 rounds + FS + 1 SDHP

Also feeling pretty sick. I'll try to make it in the morning.