Wednesday, 25 January

Partner up for this WOD.


Person A:  Run 1 x super gym loop (600 meters)
Person B: 15 x knees to elbows & 10 x ground to overhead (115/75)*
Once Person A returns, switch roles

NOTE:  The partner who finishes first gets to rest until the other finishes.
NOTE2:  the super gym loop goes from the basement to the top floor with the same running route
NOTE3: *if you looked at the post already, I mistakeningly had thrusters instead of GTO.  Sorry for the confusion - edit made at 10:13pm

Post partner's name and number of rounds complete to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

did 3 rounds + 15 KTE and 10 ground to overhead

Adam said...

I partnered with Matt and he killed it and I got smoked.

I did 3 rounds + 4 GTO.

For round 3, I did 5 GTO at 115 and 5 at 95. For round 4, I did 4 GTO at 115.

GTO was tough for me from the start and the Super Loop was a nice twist.

njc said...

worked with Zack the Zoomie this morning and he smoked me.

3 rounds + 15 KTE + 3 GTO (95#)

thanks to MAJ Radik for some coaching on-the-go for GTO. And thanks to MAJ Grim for the "nice" twist.

Mickey said...

did this with sean. he was killin it. i was getting killed.

we finished 3 and a half rounds. the last round i did a regular gym loop insead of the super one because of short time.

#115 for the first round, #95 for me for the second and third.

ErinM said...

3 rounds-ish? 3 minus 4 GTO on my half. @65lb.

Team leader/plebe combined effort.

That just hurt!

jswobe said...

Mod to:

550m run
15 x KTE
10 x GTO (115#)

3 rds + 500m

The 115-lb GTO's were tough, and my time spent staring at the bar hurt the overall intensity of the WOD.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


Good job getting after it this morning. Adam kept pushing and never stopped.

As Rx'd: 3 rounds + a part of a sick and twisted gym loop.