Monday, 23 January

Run, Ride, and Rope

Run max distance in 5 minutes on the treadmill
    Rest 5 minutes
Ride max distance in 5 minutes on stationary bike
    Rest 5 minutes
Max reps of double-unders (or single unders or tuck jumps) in 5 minutes

Post distances and number of double-unders to comments.


jck said...

Caught whatever bug is going around. For a cool down everyone should drink orange juice!

Adam said...

jck - sucks man, I'm on Day 4.5 of it and still not 100%!!

Drink water!

njc said...

run = 0.8 miles
bike = 1.35 miles
DU = 150 (450 single unders)

Will Tucker said...

That was interesting...

-French treadmill tells me 1.54 km for that run
-bikes had no distance meter and one actually broke on me about a minute in so had to switch...
-also had no jump ropes so I ended up finding three of those step class boxes and did a bunch of box jumps (knee highish maybe?)

.9625 miles
102 box jumps

ELThomas said...

Run = 0.86 miles around Hayes
Bike = Unknown
DU = 130 (390 single unders)

Adam said...

glad to see a bunch of folks make it in this morning despite the madness of the '62 room!

My first day doing anything except laying on the couch for 4.5 days of being sick, so I took it easy on the run and ride.

Run = 8.5 laps of Hayes (.726 miles)
Ride = 1.91 miles
Double-unders: 255 (I nearly killed myself, but did sets of 50 D/Us on the minute and rested for the remainder of each minute the whole time)

Mickey said...

didn't come this morning because of a diagnostic APFT today.

I think i'm getting sick too. Ugh.

ErinM said...

Run: 3 gym loops plus most of a flight of stairs
Ride: 2.00 miles
DU: 61 (pretty sad)

Sandhurst is out in full force! Will be doing that tomorrow morning.

MikeRothenb said...

run - 0.8miles with 2.0 incline
bike - 1.9miles
DU's - 201

a new burn from doing DU's for 5 minutes..i love it!

jswobe said...

run = .76 miles
bike = 1.87 miles
DU's = 214

(Notes for next time: start treadmill at 9 or 9.5 and work up; bike set at level 12)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Mickey said...

Pretty good today except for the run. Got out there right after it started raining.

Would have been a personal best apft if the run time was on par with last time. oh well.