Monday, 29 August

Hopefully everyone made out okay during the storm.  Based on current conditions, I don't see any reason that Arvin would be closed in the morning, so get your lazy bones out of the rack and join us in the '62 room at 0530.

Starting this week, I'm going to start posting a warm-up to get people moving upon arrival.  I've noticed that some folks show up, stand around for about 10 minutes, and watch as other people warm-up.  As a result, I will start posting a suggested warm-up.  If you already have a routine that you prefer, then do your own thing, but if you don't have a routine, then give it a shot.  The intent is to get your blood pumping and your muscles warmed up.

Warm-up - 3 Rounds Untimed (10 minute limit)
20 x Double unders (or 80 x single unders or jumping jacks)
15 x Push-ups
10 x Lunge steps
3 x Pull-ups
10 x Rowers or GHD sit-ups
10 x Back extensions
20 x Double unders (or single unders or jumping jacks)

This isn't a real named WOD, but I figured I would call it "IRENE" since the hurricane just rocked the area.


Complete as many rope climbs as possible using any technique you'd like.

Beginner - focus on form and practice your rope climbing technique - work on different locks and foot positioning

Advanced - start from the seated position for your climbs.

Post number of completed climbs to comments.


Tex said...

Seated start: 15 rounds + 10 seconds of feeling sorry for myself at the end instead of working.

jck said...

13 Thanks for making me work on my weakest event on the IOCT.

Adam said...

This WOD definitely punished the heavier folks!

15 climbs + 1/2 way

Grip was smoked after that one!

Great to see everyone out there this morning.

njc said...

18 + some blisters and raw skin.

...and for your hands:
works wonders before/after a workout like that.

Matt said...


From the ground.

I was about to touch the top on 16 when time ran out.

I didn't need the skin I left behind anyways, I have plenty of it:)

njc said...

..also from the seated position, which I forgot to post.

ErinM said...

24 rounds + 10 feet

jswobe said...

C'mon! I need a rope... APG is killing me!

Instead of today's WOD, I did one from the main page:

3 x cleans
20 x burpees

9:50 @ 135#
(**should have gone heavier on the weight, but wasn't sure when I time, next WOD...)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

JC said...

Stuck to form work, and I need plenty of it when it comes to rope climbing.

Made good progress with technique and still got a good workout. I can't ask for much more than that.

MACKATK said...

20 rounds

Adam said...

jswobe - Tuesday's WOD will give you a chance to go heavier on those cleans!

jswobe said...

...and I just checked tomorrow's WOD.