Wednesday, 10 August


15 x Med ball clean and shoot (20/14 lbs. to a 10' target)
1 x rope climb (15')
Run 2.5 laps on Hayes Track (approx. 500 meters)

Post number of rounds to comments.


Adam said...

3 rounds + 15 MBCS

That smoked me. MBCS were tough.

Great work by everyone. Great to see some new faces with the morning crew!

MikeRothenb said...

4 Rounds + 4 Med ball cleans

ima hurtin'

Just an fyi: There is a Brigade run tomorrow, so cadets probably wont be showing up.

JC said...

4 rounds + 1 MBCS

Good to be back with the crew!

.,.. said...

Mike - thanks for the heads up, I wasn't tracking a Brigade run.

jswobe said...

No Hayes Gym (sad face!).

Altered WOD to:

15 x MBC&S
10 x pull-ups
350 m row

4 rounds + 4 MBC&S complete

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

ErinM said...

Glad to be back at West Point and can't wait to join the morning crew.

Couldn't read, so I did med ball shots, instead of shots and cleans.

4 rounds + 9 MBS

Matt said...


Finally I have a chance to post. Great work by everyone today. Adam, keep bringing the pain.

3 rounds + 2 laps