Friday, 26 August

Partner up and get ready to knock out some back squats.

Minimum number of reps to back squat 5,000 lbs.

There is no time component to this WOD; use your partner to spot.

Post number of reps needed to reach 5,000 lbs. and partner name.


Tex said...

Tex: 11x240
Fullam: 9x185, 3x225

total reps:24
total weight: 5075lbs

Adam said...

It's good that Chris M and I don't teach math. We did a little extra work based on a math error:

Adam: 5 x 4 @ 185 = 3700 total
Chris M: 5-5-7-5-4 @ 185 = 4810 total

Team total = 8510

We hit 5,000 lbs at 27 reps, but did 46 reps total.

ErinM said...

Team M&E&Theriot
Erin: 25X65, 10X75, 5X95 = 2850
Madeline:30X55 = 1650
Theriot: 27X65, 10X75 = 2505

Total: 7005
Working more on back squat technique today. Kudos to Theriot - great form and she's never done it before!