Wednesday, 3 August

5 Rounds for Time:

Run Stairway to Heaven
7 x ground to overhead (115/75)
7 x front squat (115/75)
7 x ring dips

NOTE:  With ground to overhead you can use any method you'd like to get the barbell from the ground to locked out over your head.

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

I unfortunately will be in the field for the next 3 days. Have fun and see everyone next week!

Matt said...


That was lonely this morning. Too much rest between exercises, especially between G2O and front squats.

As Rx'd: 21:17

Tex said...

So sorry for missing this morning. I'll be in there at lunch if anyone is interested.

Sweddy said...

As RX'd, 25:25. My legs are screaming!
For the academic year, I'm going to try to get in there in the morning twice a week, and twice a week at 12.

jswobe said...


I subbed 1000m on the bike and 10 box jumps for the stairs. (I would rather have run the stairs, for sure)

The G2O's were tough! I probably should have scaled the weight to 95#, but I am too stubborn and arrogant for such common sense...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Tex said...

25:03 as rx'd
My first time with any significant weight overhead since surgery and my delts are screaming. That was absolutely brutal.

Adam said...

sorry I missed this one, sounded like fun. Range was fun - 270 firers in 3 hours. Lots of standing and walking.

I won't be in tomorrow either, 650 cadets tomorrow starting at 0445. boo