Wednesday, 17 August

5 Rounds for Time
12 x Kettle bell swings  - 53 lbs. (advanced), 35 lbs. (intermediate), 15 lbs. dumbell (beginner)
Run to top of Stairway to Heaven
20 x push-ups - hand-release (advanced), APFT standard (intermediate), knee (beginner)
Run down Stairway to Heaven to start

Post time to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

it seems like theres been a lot more workouts than just 3 this week. Im exhausted, this whole school thing is cramping my style.

Adam said...

17:05 of pure misery.

I felt as though I was glued to the floor for the push-ups. Hand release are killer!

Great push by everyone who gutted it out this morning. Keep it up!

jck said...

Those stairs can be worse than climbing Black Cat Mountain

njc said...

16:27, i was dead as soon as we started. And I agree with Mike.

One of these days I will convince my plebes and yuks to come out with me in the morning.

JC said...


Concur with misery expressed by others.

Matt said...


Hand release push-ups and a 70lbs kettlebell. I felt like making the pain a little worse this morning.


Great push by ErinM to finish it. I cut her off at the door.

Tex said...

Mike, I was chasing your time the whole way. Blast. 53lbs KB and hand release PUs. The KBS was a rest, but the HRPUs was where I lost my time.

Sweddy said...

15:53; first two rounds with hand-release; last three with regular pushup.

ErinM said...


About 2/3 HRPU, 1/3 APFT

Great to have someone to chase at the end.

Love going into morning classes after being smoked.

jswobe said...

In the absence of a decent set of stairs, I modified today's WOD to:

5 RFT:
12 x KBS
30 x walking lunges
20 x HRPU
300m row


Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Pauly D said...

Beastin...that's right, Pauly's back ladies.