Tuesday, 16 August

Let's meet in the '62 Room to warm-up at 0530.  I will brief the WOD at 0545 with demos as needed.  If we have a large crowd, we will have to start WOD in waves to minimize waiting time for equipment.

AMRAP 15  (As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes)
11 x ring dips
Run up to Hayes Gym by the shelf (approx. 100 meter run with stairs)
11 x knees to elbows
Sprint across the gym to the monkey bars (approx. 50 meter run)
Cross monkey bars - if you fall off, knock out a 25 air squat penalty before moving on
1 x rope ascent (15 feet) - (Scale smartly: if you can't climb rope, use cargo net)
Sprint 1/2 lap (50 meters), down to '62 Room and repeat
Post number of rounds to comments.


Sweddy said...

4 rds + 7 ring dips.

Adam said...

4 rounds + 11 ring dips. that was a smoker! Great to see a big crew out there this morning. Great effort by everyone!

Matt said...


Great participation this morning and what a great military functional WOD.

5 rds + ring dips + 1/2 stairs to Hayes

Tex said...

4 rds +ring dips+kte+10 monkey bars
All of the bent arm to protect my shoulder smoked me out.

Chris M said...

4 rounds exactly.
That hurt.

jck said...

4 rds + 11 knees to elbows. Hands got torn up. Great Workout

ErinM said...

4 rounds + 1 kte. Green band assist on ring dips. Fun fun.

njc said...

4 rounds completed in 15:10.

Too much THS, but this was a fun one.

jswobe said...

Due to distance limitations (i.e.: the distance between me and Hayes), I modified this to:

11 x ring dips
12 x box jumps
13 x K2E
14 x pull-ups
15 x air squats
500m bike

3 rounds + K2E

In retrospect, K2E and pull-ups back to back was not a good sequence.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

MikeRothenb said...

4 rounds plus 11 knees to elbows
monkey bars slowed me down big time.

MACKATK said...

5 rounds