Wednesday, 24 August

Team WOD - in a team of 4, pick your own sequence and rep scheme.  Time stops when you complete all reps of each exercise.  It would help to have a note card and a pen to track progress for your team.

If hitting it solo or with fewer than 4, scale reps as needed.

300 x Air squats
250 x push-ups (APFT standard)
200 x Double unders (4 for 1 subsitution for single-unders or side straddle hops)
150 x rowers (ab exercise)
100 x lunge steps holding a 20 lbs. medicine ball (1 step = 1 rep)
50 x Thrusters - 95/65  (NOTE - Scale weight as needed - don't be a hero and hurt yourself!)
9 x Rope or cargo net climbs w/ 1/2 lap run to stairs back to '62 Room
9 x Stairway to Heaven ascents

Post time and team members to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

a few scalings for jump ropes and thrusters.

Good work by the dream team!
Nick C, Caleb C, Jared K, Mike R.

Adam said...

I was part of a 2 man team (Sean F.) and we split the reps in half (really each did 1/4 of the reps).

I ended up doing a few extra reps for push-ups and rowers, and I did 20 thrusters, 3 rope climbs, and 3 Stairways.

Fun times. good see everyone out there this morning.

MACKATK said...

with Chris J., Adam H., Mike S.
Replaced Double unders with side stradle hop and used different weights for thrusters.

Sweddy said...

18:51 with Tex and a couple others from the Math Dept. Tex got extra credit points by doing a few extra rowers, thrusters, and the Stairway to Heaven 3 times.

Adam said...

Sweddy, thanks for the update, I was going to send out a search party for Tex since he's been MIA for the whole week.