Thursday, 4 August

Row 500 meters
5 x wall climbs

Check out the video of how NOT to row - Rowing Fail

Post number of rounds to comments.


Tex said...

4 rounds plus 240m on rower

I had to sub 25 rowers (the APRT exercise) in for the wall climbs to give my shoulders a rest. Thanks to a bit of technique work on the rower, I had a bit of a rowing fail of my own. Thanks for the push, Matt.

Matt said...


4 rounds + 248m on the rower

A shout-out to Tex. All I wanted to do was slow down/stop and feel sorry for myself, but I couldn't let him down. I would argue that 90% of the time, the mind gives out before the body.

We moved the two fully functioning rowers next to each other. In the past I have always had problems pulling good numbers on the "C model" rower in the 62 room, but today with the push I was pulling my usual numbers on the thing for multiple rounds.

jswobe said...

4 rounds

I love wall climbs, but they SUCK! Between the rowing and the climbs, I was sweating enough that my hands were sliding on the gym floor where I was working out. I thought I was gonna eat the floor several times...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD