Monday, 22 August

Monday is the start of Black and Gold Team Week!  All WODs this week will either be team or partner WODs and it should be a lot of fun and give everyone a chance to meet and interact with some different folks.  If you aren't at USMA or don't have a work-out partner(s) then you can either recruit someone to join you (and possibly get them addicted to CF!) or scale as needed to make it a solo WOD.  As always, use common sense, scale to your own (and your partner's ability) and don't overdo it if you find yourself paired with someone with much higher (or lower) ability than yourself. 

For the morning crew, on Monday let's meet at Mac Statue at 0530 to warm-up and determine partners.


Diagonal Walk Shuttle Runs with a partner
1/4 Diagonal Walk & back (approx. 100 meters) - max reps in 3 minutes
Rest 2 minutes
1/2 Diagonal Walk & back (approx. 200 meters) - max reps in 4 minutes
Rest 1 minute
Diagonal Walk & back (approx. 400 meters) - max reps in 5 minutes

Concept:  From each pair, one person runs and the other person rests.  Once Person A completes their shuttle run, tag out and Person B runs the prescribed distance while Person A rests.
NOTE:  If there ends up being an odd number of folks, we will figure out how to make it fair. 
NOTE2:  It would help if people brought notecards or paper to record number laps run.

Post total number of legs run by distance to comments & name of partner.


njc said...

Rd 1: 6.25 laps x 100m = 625m
Rd 2: 3.25 laps x 200m = 650m
Rd 3: 2 laps x 400m = 800m

Total: 2075m

Team Total (nick and mike): 4235m

Awesome push by Mike this morning... this should be a fun week

MikeRothenb said...

Rd 1: 6 full laps x 100m = 600m
Rd 2: 4 full laps x 200m = 800m
Rd 3: 1.9 full laps x 400m = 760m
Total = 2160m
Team Total (nick and mike): 4235m

yeah, im a fan of the partner stuff.
Nick had a good suggestion, im going to bring my new class ring and use it for kettlebell swings, its at least a 35 pounder.

Adam said...

Rd 1: 5 laps (Matt 5)
Rd 2: 3 laps (Matt 3.75)
Rd 3: 2 laps (Matt 1.50?)

Total = 3,750m

10 x 100 = 1000
6.75 x 200 = 1350
3.5 x 400 = 1400

Great push by everyone!

I hope to see everyone tomorrow morning for Day 2.

Mike - make sure you alternate which hand you wear your ring on, I hate for one arm to get much stronger than the other!

Matt said...


Adam has our score. I'm glad Adam programs sprints because if he didn't, I would never do them. I forgot how much they smoke the hammies. I had no turn-over by the end. Great WOD.

ErinM said...

Round 1: 5x100m (Kevin 5?)
Round 2: 3x200m (Kevin 3.5?)
Round 3: 2X400m (Kevin 1.9)
Total: 1900m (1960m)
Team: 3860m

What a fun start to the day. Looking forward to the week.

JC said...

Rd 1: 6 laps (JC 5)
Rd 2: 4 laps (JC 3.75)
Rd 3: 3 laps (Sean .50)

Team Total = 3,750m

12 x 100 = 1200
4.75 x 200 = 950
3.5 x 400 = 1400

Chris M said...

Bob U. and I were partners. Not sure what are reps were.

Tex said...

I did this on my own on the Hayes track and rested exactly the time it took me to do a lap to simulate a partner. I did 0.75 lap for the 100m, 1.5 laps for the 200 and 3 laps for the 400m.
I misremembered the time for the 100m runs, so I did 2 minutes instead.
Individual Scores
Rd 1: 3 laps=300m
Rd 2: 3 laps=600m
Rd 3: 2 laps=800m
individual total:1700m