Friday & Saturday - 30 - 31 December

The break is ALMOST over and it's about time to get back at it in the '62 Room!  I've missed working out with the morning crew!

In preparation for the New Year, we are going to set some New Year's Resolutions...but  not in the typical "I'm going to go to the gym more" or "I'm going to lose some weight" - those generic resolutions NEVER work!  So, in order to have some chance at success, we are going to use a little PL100-action to get things moving in the right direction, and we are going to set SMART goals.

SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-based.

As an example:
I will attempt 25 double-unders every morning for a month as part of my warm-up routine.  

This hits all the points in that the goal is very specific (25 DUs daily), it is measurable (did you do 25 DUs or not), action-oriented (doing something), realistic (attempting 25 DUs should be realistic, it didn't say "100 unbroken DUs" or anything like that - that might be a bridge too far for most folks, especially daily!), and time-based (daily for a month).

So think about what you want to improve on and set a SMART goal to get there!!!!!

Post SMART goal(s) for 2012 to comments.  Remember - keep it REALISTIC and focus on 1 - 3 goals at most!!

Mon - Wed, 26 - 28 DEC

Keep up the fire with interesting WODs in interesting places!  Erin M is rocking it with OHS with bikes, Leigh had the 12 days of Christmas, Sodak and Tex are rocking it at Military Athlete...keep it up!

I still have only received ONE take a CrossFit inspired photo and send it to - I'm hoping to get several awesome pix of folks on vacation!

Take it easy and continue to post your activities!!!

Saturday - Sunday, 24 - 25 December

Wow - everyone has been doing a great job staying active and posting their stuff - thanks!  Sorry for not keeping things current and updated, but traveling like a crazy person, shopping, etc. has gotten me off my game!

Glad to see some legends of B&G checking in - Tex & Sodak - for those who don't know, they are probably the most fit LT's out there - look out platoons, the pain trains are coming when they arrive!!!

I've had one person send in a great Christmas inspired CrossFit picture - it is awesome, but needs some competition - so please don't forget to snap a pic and email it in to - the best one gets an old school B&G t-shirt!

Post to comments two things you'd love for Santa to bring you for Christmas - the first should be a skill (like Double Unders, etc.) and the second should be a piece of equipment.  I'm not saying that Santa will grant any wishes, but it will be fun to see what's on everyone's wish list!

As for today and tomorrow - find a creative way to work out and have a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday - Thursday, 20 - 22 DEC

I'm on the road, sorry I didn't update previously!  I will be in and out and not sure if I will have internet access, but make sure you do something active and post to the blog!  We all will be checking in on each other to make sure we are doing something!!

Post activities to comments!

Monday, December 19

I hope everyone's winter leave is off to a good start!

Today's mission - do something to break a sweat and post what you did!

Post activity to comments and don't forget to send a CrossFit themed picture to

Saturday - Sunday, 17 - 18 December

Congrats on making it through TEE week!  This week was brutal academically and physically...oh my it was a tough one!  Many thanks to all those you came out to break a sweat and get their minds off of academics for a little bit.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas break!  Remember to stay active and continue to check the blog!

Take those CrossFit-inspired Christmas photos and email them to:

Rest days...use them to scope out places to workout on Monday!

Friday, 16 December

As TEE Week draws to a close and we prepare to go our separate ways, I wanted to put out a few notes:

1)  Don't forget to stay active over the break.  Continue to check the blog as I will occassionally post some comments, WODs, etc. I know many folks will be limited on equipment, etc., so in the absence of a prescribed WOD or equipment (ropes, weights, pull-up bars, etc.) the guidance is simple - find a way to work out!  Lift heavy objects you find in the garage, use tree branches for pull-up bars, chop a cord of wood, back squat your girlfriend/boyfriend/bro/sis/friend, play sports, go to a high school football stadium and run sprints and stairs, find a playground and do dips, pull-ups, etc.  Use your imagination and your love of CrossFit and figure it out!!!  Planning and executing a work out in the absence of a fully stocked gym will help you figure out how to lead PT in the Army when there is a no '62 room readily available. 

Remember CrossFit is all about executing constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements!  This simply means - try something new/break the routine, do it vigorously (for time and/or for weight), and make sure it is a compound movement (uses multiple muscle groups and joints) that replicates something you naturally do (push, pull, lift, throw, jump, run, carry, sit, stand, etc.).  Isolated movements like biceps curls in front of the mirror are NOT the answer!  That being said, doing ANYTHING (even the dreaded elipitical trainer!) is MUCH better than sitting on the couch eating and watching TV the entire break.  Try to break a sweat every day - even if that means going to Zumba with your Aunt.

2)  Take a photo doing something CrossFit inspired over the break.  Email it to -  The best picture wins an old school B&G t-shirt!

Now for the final WOD of TEE Week!  What an awesome and tough week it has been!  Thanks to the morning crew for staying at it and showing up.

For today WOD, bring your jump rope and reflective belt.  It will take around 30 minutes, so we need to be ready to kick off right at 0540.  Safety first when running outside - watch for cars, potholes, etc.

Run, Rope, & Ride - compare to 1 July 2011

100 x double-unders (sub is 1:1 tuck jumps or 3:1 single-unders)
Run 1 mile (Arvin to Koscuiko's Monument and back)
Ride 5km (3.2 miles) - pick a bike you like, set it at the resistance you desire, and pedal!
Run 1 mile
100 x double-unders

Post time to comments.

Thursday, 15 December

Reminder - don't forget to take your Christmas inspired CrossFit photo over the break!  Send it in and you may win a classic B&G t-shirt!

Check out this video - looks like they need some CrossFit so they can improve on their IOCT skills!  I can't believe Justin Weeks didn't bring them to join the morning crew!!

TEE Week WOD #4

3 x chest to bar pull-ups
6 x Kettlebell swings (53/35)

Rest 5 minutes then

3 x power cleans (135/95)
6 x ring dips

Post number of rounds for each AMRAP to comments.

Wednesday, 14 December

I hope TEEs are going well - hang in there!

Reminders -
1)  CrossFit t-shirts?  Let me know.
2)  CrossFit Christmas photo contest.  Take an awesome photo, email it to me ( and best one wins a classic B&G t-shirt.

TEE Week WOD #3

"Wood" (Hero WOD from the main site)

5 Rounds for time of: 
Run 400m (Comm's Loop - start in front of Arvin gym)
10 x Burpee box jumps, 24" box
10 x Sumo-deadlit high-pull (95/65)
10 x Thrusters (95/65)
Rest 1 minute after each round (during rest walk to front of Arvin for start of run)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 13 December

How are TEEs going?  Hopefully well.  Beat the Dean!  Come do CrossFit!!!

A few notes:
1)  If anyone is interested in buying a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt for themselves or their loved ones/friends for Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanza, etc., please shoot me an email at:  They are $20 each and you can either pick up in the '62 room in the morning or swing by my office in Thayer.
2)  Winter CrossFit photo contest - over the break, you have a photo assignment - take an awesome CrossFit picture with a Christmas theme and submit it to me - - I will post all the pix, everyone will vote, and the winner will win 1 of 2 remaining vintage Black and Gold t-shirts (old style!).  

TEE Week WOD #2

 5 rounds for time
 Run 400 meters (gym loop) 
 15 x overhead squats  (95/65)  

Post time to comments.

Monday, 12 December

During TEE week, we might not have many folks there for the morning crew at 0530, but this is NOT an excuse for skipping the WODs this week.  One of the best ways to clean your mind and help you study/test more effectively is to routinely exercise!  Drinking excessive amounts of Mountain Dew and pizza will not help you ace your TEEs, but breaking a sweat can definitely help you out!  

A few notes:
1)  If anyone is interested in buying a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt for themselves or their loved ones/friends for Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanza, etc., please shoot me an email at:  They are $20 each and you can either pick up in the '62 room in the morning or swing by my office in Thayer.
2)  When you take off for Winter Leave, please STAY active!  If you let yourself go physically for 3 weeks and then come back in January, it will be that much harder to get back in the swing of things!  
3)  When you are home, try to look up a local CrossFit affiliate and get in a WOD or two.  Not only does it support the CF community, it can also give you some exposure to other CF programs and coaches, and you might learn something new. for TEE Week WOD #1

Body Weight 550 (named because you do a total of 550 reps during the WOD!!)

10 rounds of the following rep scheme:
10 x double-unders (sub = 3:1 for single-unders OR tuck jumps)
9 x air squats
8 x push-ups
7 x box jumps (24 inch/20 inch)
6 x knees to elbows
5 x lunges (Left leg and then right leg = 1 rep)
4 x pull-ups
3 x ring dips
2 x handstand push-ups
1 x muscle-ups!!!!  (scale to jumping muscle-ups or 3 x ring pull-ups & 3 x ring dips)

NOTE:  Scale number of rounds based on time available and ability.  

Post time to complete all 10 rounds!

Saturday - Sunday, 10 - 11 December

GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheer on the Army team to victory!!!!

Friday, 9 December

BEAT NAVY!!!!  Best of luck to the Army team as they face off with Navy in the CrossFit competition at Potomac CrossFit.  

We won't meet in the morning because of the modified schedule, but try to get this one in when you have time.

Shoulder press - 4 - 4 - 4
Push press - 3 - 3 - 3
Push jerk - 2 - 2 - 2

Check out the video which shows the difference between the 3 exercises (it all comes down to the use of the dip and drive):

NOTE:  The bar starts in the rack.

Post load to comments.

Thursday, 8 December

This is a bit of a different one...let's meet in the '62 room to warm up and then head up to the basketball courts to get after it.

7 rounds for time:
Standing broad jump to half court, then bear crawl to the other baseline.
Sprint back to start point.
Rest 1 minute

Then as a cash-out -
100 x double-unders and 100 x push-ups for time

NOTE:  You can mix and match DUs and PUs in any rep scheme and sequence you'd like. 
NOTE2:  The cash-out was added this morning after the morning crew begged for more after we finished the WOD.
Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 7 December

Pearl Harbor Day - never forget the surprise attack that brought the US into WWII.  If you have a family member who served in WWII, then post their name and service to comments!

Partner WOD - pair up and let's get after it!

Person A - run  the entire Stairway to Heaven (run down to the basement, then up all the way to the top!)
Person B - 6 x wall climbs & 8 x deadlifts (225/165)
Once Person A returns, switch roles.

NOTE:  The partner who is done first rests until the other finishes.  (i.e. Person B rests until Person A returns from the Stairway to Heaven, or vice versa if A returns prior to B finishing the exercises)
NOTE2:  The wall climb starts with chest and thighs on the ground with feet against the wall.  Use your hands to propel your body back and up until you are in a handstand position - walk hands back out until chest and thighs are on the floor, that's one rep.

Post rounds complete, partner name, and any relatives who served in WWII to comments.

Tuesday, 6 December

For all the Fran fans out there...this should be right up your alley!

5 Rounds for time:
9 x thrusters (95/65)
9 x pull-ups

NOTE:  Scale load as needed in order to maintain intensity!

Post time to comments.

Monday, 5 December

Beat Navy!  Let's start the week off right with a little trot!  Strap on your reflective belt and let's do it!

Run 5km

NOTE: Let's meet in the '62 room to warm-up briefly and then we will head out to run at 0540.
NOTE2:  The run route starts in front of the Comm's House and then you run to Lee Gate, touch it, and then head back to the Comm's house.  
NOTE3:  Watch out for traffic!  Don't assume drivers see you! 

Post time to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 3 - 4 December

Rest days!  Get ready for another awesome week starting Monday morning.

Friday, 2 December

First a humorous picture of why T Rex doesn't do CrossFit (and therefore went extinct!)

If you tried out yesterday (nice work Sean!), you can give yourself a bit of a break and do yesterday's WOD (250 sit-ups for time w/ 15 push-ups at each rest), or you can do today's.

 5 x Weighted pull-ups (20/12)
20 x Double-unders

Rest a few minutes,

then run 1 mile for time.

NOTE:   A few options for the run route - outdoors - start at front of Arvin run to Koscuiko's Monument and back, or indoors - 4 x gym loops or treadmill
NOTE2:  If running outdoors, be sure to wear your reflective belt and watch out for traffic.

Post number of rounds complete and time for the run.

Thursday, 1 December

Thursday morning, the CrossFit team is holding try-outs for the competition against Navy.  If you are interested in trying out, be in the '62 Room at 0530 and link-up with Mike or Justin.

If you are not trying out, the WOD is:    

250 sit-ups (APFT standard - feet anchored)
every time you stop, knock out 15 push-ups

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 30 November

3 rounds for max reps of: 
1 min x Squat Cleans (95/65)
1 min x Double-unders
1 min x SDHP (95/65)
1 min x Burpees
1 min x Push press (95/65)
1 min x REST

NOTE:  This WOD is similar in format to Fight Gone Bad - constantly running clock, so the faster you can transition between exercises, the more reps you will complete.

Post total number of reps to comments.

Tuesday, 29 November

Erin (Erin M) rocking the Black and Gold t-shirt while practicing rugby!

Erin in the scrum!

Partner WOD - bring a friend!

3 rounds for time:
Person A - run Gym Loop
Person B - Burpee Pull-ups (as many reps as possible while partner is gone)
switch roles

NOTE:  In total, each person will run 3 gym loops and complete 3 sets of burpee pull-ups

Total score = total burpee pull-ups complete/time (converted to seconds)

Post partner's name and score to comments.

Monday, 28 November

A few folks sent in some Turkey Day WOD pix - enjoy!

Patrick knocking out some handstand push-ups!

Patrick doing push-ups...gotta go lower!

Nick (njc) doing pull-ups in Albany

Mickey with the girlfriend back squat!

Nick doing a bull riding WOD!
Adam doing wall balls with a pumpkin.
Josh (JC) at the top of the ski slope after starting at South Dock, pushing a stroller!  Beast!



NOTE1:  There is no time component to this WOD, focus on form.
NOTE2:  For an additional challenge for experienced deadlifters, stand on a 25 lbs. bumper plate.

Post loads to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 26 - 27 November

Rest days.

Reminder - take a CrossFit themed picture and email it to

Right now I have a few awesome ones and waiting on a few more!!!

Friday, 25 November

I'm still suffering from a turkey hangover...and I can't think of a reasonable WOD to do today.  Stomach too full!  

So, today you get to do whatever you want, where ever you are at.  Break a sweat!

Do something CrossFit related and take a picture and send it to:

Enjoy your long weekend.  

Go Thanksgiving...Eat Gravy!

Thursday, 24 November

CrossFit Assignment - over Thanksgiving, take a photo of yourself doing something related to CrossFit.  It can be humorous, serious, creative, etc.  and email picture(s) to  I will upload all pictures and captions (if provided) on Sunday night. 

Turkey Day WOD:
Prior to the food feast and football games, get outside and break a sweat!  Walk, run, ride, rope, swim, wrestle, play football, basketball, whatever it is, get outside and do SOMETHING that does not involve eating. 

Post activity to comments.

Wednesday, 23 November

CrossFit Assignment - over Thanksgiving, take a photo of yourself doing something related to CrossFit.  It can be humorous, serious, creative, etc.  and email picture(s) to  I will upload all pictures and captions (if provided) on Sunday night. 

Because of compressed schedules, etc., there will be no morning crew.  Booo!  That being said, get in the gym when you can and knock it out before you head out for Turkey Day.

9 x bench press (body weight)
11 x GHD sit-ups or regular sit-ups with 20 lbs. medicine ball
Run Stairway to Heaven (sub is run 400 meters and do 10 x box jumps)

Post number of rounds to comments.

Tuesday, 22 November


150 x wall ball shots (20/14) at a 10' target

Sounds easy, but it's a tough one!!!

Post time to comments.

Monday, 21 November

Start off with an AMRAP 3 - STRICT pull-ups


3 rounds for max time:
Handstand hold for max time
Overhead squat hold (in the down position w/ a PVC pipe) for max time
Ring dip hold for max time
Rest 1 minute

NOTE:  This is a rare WOD in which a greater amount of time is better.
NOTE2:  Minimize transition time between events for max intensity.

Post number of pull-ups and total time

Saturday - Sunday, 19 - 20 November

Rest days!

Enjoy the weekend.

See you Monday!!!

Friday, 18 November

Strength day!

10 - 5 - 5 - 3 - 2 - 1
Back squat

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD, focus on form.

Post loads to comments.

Thursday, 17 November

Let's meet in the '62 room to warm-up and brief the WOD, then we will go to Hayes Gym for the WOD.

Cross monkey bars - touch all bars!
Rope climb ('15)
200 meter run (run 2.5 laps and then return to start by ropes)
Rest 1 minute

Post number of rounds to comments.

Wednesday, 16 November

Today, we are doing a Hero WOD from the CrossFit main site from  23 October 2011 - check out the link:

10 rounds for time of: 
3 x Handstand push-ups
6 x Deadlift (225/155)
12 x Pull-ups
24 x Double-unders (or 75 single-unders)

NOTE: Set as an AMRAP 20 if you are pressed for time.  Post number of rounds completed in 20 mins if you go with this option.
NOTE2:  Scale deadlifts as needed - 225 is rather heavy, especially for a total of 60 reps!
NOTE3:  If you cannot do HSPUs, then substitute with 3 for 1 elevated push-ups (9 each round) or 2 for 1 pike push-ups (6 each round)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 15 November

 21-15-9 reps of:

 Power Cleans (135/95)
 Box jumps (24/20)
 Sit-ups w/ 20 lbs. med ball

NOTE:  With the power clean, the barbells starts on the ground and you clean it up to the racked position.  There is NO requirement to drop into a full squat (that's a 'clean' or 'squat clean' not a 'power clean').

Post time to comments.

Monday, 14 November

Welcome back from the long weekend!

Today's WOD -

500 x double-unders for time!!!

Yep, that's it!

If you haven't mastered double-unders, you have a few options:
1)  1,500 single-unders for time (3:1 for one substitution)
2)  Spend the time working on double-unders.  With double-unders PRACTICE is the ONLY known way to get better!!!!!  You should incorporate D/Us into your daily warm-up.

Post time to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 12 - 13 November

Rest days - enjoy your weekend!

Go Army, Beat Rutgers!

Friday, 11 November


Today's WOD is simple - get outside and do something to break a sweat in honor of our past, present, and future veterans!!!  Run, ride, swim, wrestle, walk, climb, crawl, row, lift - the choice is yours, just get out there and get after it!

Post activity and time to comments.

Thursday, 10 November

Today, in honor of all our past, present, and future veterans, we are doing the "WOD for Warriors" - grab a partner and let's do this!  I've slightly modified the WOD to better fit our set-up in Arvin.

WOD for Warriors

11 Rounds:
11 Exercises
11 Reps each
Executed with a partner
Exercise sequence (do 11 reps of each exercise and alternate w/ partner so Person A works and Person B rests):

1- Burpees
2- Double-unders OR Tuck Jumps
3- Handstand Push-ups - sub = feet elevated push-ups
4- Ring dips
5- Sit-ups
6- Air Squats
7- Deadlift (135/95)
8- Pullups (any type)
9- Press (45/25 plates) - grab a plate (non-bumper is easier), press it overhead without knee bend or hip drive (like a Shoulder Press, not a Push Press)
10- Jumping Lunges
11- 11 meter fireman's carry - depends on space - likely do these in hallway

Details: A two person team will have one member working at all times.  #1 begins with burpees, once complete, #2 executes double-unders/tuck jump, once complete, #1 executes HSPU then #2 executes Ring Dips, and so forth.  Since there an odd number of exercises, the second time through, #2 will start burpees, #1 will do tuck jumps, etc.  The idea is a quick and even work-rest cycle, high intensity, giving it our all to honor our Veterans, and improving our ability to move more further faster!
NOTE:  If you have to take-off prior to finishing because of formation, etc., post number of rounds and time completed.
Post time and partner's name to comments.  

Wednesday, 9 November


Big Nasty!

5 rounds for time:
3 x overhead squat (115/75)
5 x front squat (115/75)
7 x box jumps (30/24)

NOTE:  Scale as needed!  115# OHS is rather stout - don't do more than you are capable of.
NOTE2:  Barbell starts from the racked position in the squat cage.

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 8 November

Great effort by the Black and Gold CrossFit team in their throw down with Air Force!  Despite a solid effort by all, the Zoomies edged us out on some skill stuff (double-unders, muscle-ups, etc.) and claimed the victory.  Air Force now leads the series 2-1, but next year we will host the event and even the score!  Great work by the team and thanks for representing B&G and WP at USAFA. 

For today's WOD, we will do an AMRAP 5, rest for 5 minutes, and repeat the AMRAP 5.

 5 x ring rows
 7 x ring dips
 9 x overhead squats w/ PVC pipe
 15 x double-unders (1:3 sub for single-unders = 45 s/u)


Repeat the AMRAP 5 as above.

Post number of rounds complete for each AMRAP to comments.

Monday, 7 November

First off, congrats to JC (Josh Christy) and his wife on the birth of their baby!!  Awesome!

Secondly, I haven't heard how the Black and Gold CrossFit team did this weekend at Air Force.  Once I get an update, I will post.  I'm sure they did awesome!!!

As for the WOD, it's a bit different, but that's the point of a constantly varied work out!

Unbalanced Load - Bench Press

10-8-6-4-2 reps

Here's how it works - you pick the load you want to lift and then add an extra 2.5 lbs. to one side (so it's unbalanced!).  Each round try to increase the load, ensure you alternate the side which is unbalanced, and if you feel comfortable, increase the amount of the imbalance (i.e. Round 2 you can have +5 lbs. on one side)

There is NO time component to this WOD - please be sure to use a spotter and spring clips, as even a little imbalance can be exceedingly challenging and awkward!

Post loads and unbalanced load per round to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 5 - 6 November

Rest days.

Best of luck to the Black and Gold CrossFit team as they take on Air Force Saturday morning in the Black and Blue CrossFit competition.

Go Army, Beat Air Force!!!!!

Friday, 4 November

Let's meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and then we will head to the basketball courts for the WOD:

Shuttle Run WOD

7 rounds for time 
Round =  Baseline - Free throw - 3 point arc - half court
Rest 1 minute between each round

Cash out/bonus round: 100 double-unders for time!

Post time for each event to comments.

Thursday, 3 November


7 x burpee box jumps (24/20)
7 x sumo deadlift high-pull (95/65)
7 x overhead carry steps (95/65)

Post number of rounds to comments.

Wednesday, 2 November

 5 rounds for time 

12 x Ring push-ups
12 x Kettlebell swings (53/35)
12 x Goblet squats (53/35)
Ride 1/2 mile on bike

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 1 November

Back squat
5-5-5 (rest 1 minute between sets; otherwise untimed)


Run 1 mile

Post loads for squats and time for 1 mile run to comments.

Monday, 31 October


Since today is Halloween, it seemed appropriate to come up with a fun WOD that would fit the theme.  jswobe, I apologize in advance, as this is a very West Point-specific WOD - you can substitute similar events.



SITUATION:  The year is 2011 and a massive snow storm hit West Point on 30 October and it knocked out power to several parts of post, including the experimental laboratory in which "Zombie Slugs" are studied.  These zombie slugs are fueled by pizza, Mountain Dew, and video games, but the power outage and impassable roads created conditions in which the Zombie Slugs were unable to get what they desire.  As a result, the Zombie Slugs are coming to attack a symbolic structure of everything they despise - fitness, sweating, and muscle tone!!!  The Zombie Slugs are coming to the '62 Room in an attempt to devour a small, but mighty band of warriors known as Black and Gold CrossFit!

MISSION:  Escape from the Zombie Slugs by demonstrating superior athletic performance in multiple domains.

EXECUTION:  We will start in the '62 Room and warm up in preparation for the Zombie Slug infiltration.  After warming up, we will complete the following action sequence for time:

o Ride 1 mile on stationary bike
o Run to Hayes Gym, execute the IOCT (-): after you climb the rope, simply run 1/2 lap (w/out med ball) to the doors and exit the track
o Climb the Stairway to Heaven to the top
o Run the width and then length of the top floor and go down the flight of stairs at the other end (not the stairs you came up)
o End in the '62 Room

*** NOTE:  If the Zombie (see details below) catches you, then after you complete the sequence you have to do an extra trip up and down the Stairway to Heaven as a penalty! ****

SERVICE SUPPORT:   Since Zombie Slugs are not athletic enough to complete any of these events, a replacement Zombie will be selected.  The replacement Zombie will start 1 minute after the rest of the group and then will attempt to catch up and eat (by tagging, not tackling or anything crazy!) members of the group.


NOTE:  SAFETY FIRST!  - No horse play & use your best judgment - I don't want anyone to get hurt horsing around, especially on parts of the IOCT, stairs, etc.
NOTE2:  If IOCT AI is going on, we may have to adjust the plan a bit, as we can't cut in line and we have to play well with others.

Post time to complete the sequence to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 29 - 30 October

Rest days, enjoy your weekend! 

See you on Monday for a Halloween-style WOD!

Friday, 28 October

Today is a bittersweet day for a few reasons -

First, it is Tex's last WOD with Black and Gold before he moves out to Benning to go to the basic course.  Tex is a B&G legend and his presence will be missed.  Hopefully a lot of folks can come out to wish Tex well and send him off in style. 

Second, today's "Hero WOD" is more than just a named workout drawn from the mainsite, rather it is a Hero WOD created by a member of USMA '86 to memorialize and honor their fallen classmate, COL John McHugh, as the Class of '86 holds it's 25 Year Class Reunion.  COL McHugh was killed in action in Afghanistan on May 18, 2010. 

His classmate wrote the following tribute - 

“Johnny Mac” was one of the highest-ranking officers killed in Afghanistan. He was a graduate of the United States Military Academy Class of 1986. Served over 24 years active duty. Survived by his wife Connie and 5 children: Chief Warrant Officer Michael McHugh (22) Kelly (20), Kristen (18), Maggie (12) and David (6). John was also a brand new grandfather of Abigail (1).

John was a great friend, soldier, family man and most of all a man of God. John was a man of true honor, respect and one of the nicest men you would ever meet. He loved soccer and I believe he still holds the record at West Point for most goals saved in single season. The academy retired his jersey last fall. He was a great officer that personified the word “leadership”.

In honor of Colonel John M. McHugh, my friend and West Point Classmate 1986.  In tribute of the 24 plus years of service and sacrifice that he and his wife Connie gave to our country, the workout is structured to culminate with a round of 24 reps. The total number of reps for the workout would be “86” representing West Point Class of ’86. The rounds should start low and peak at 24 just like John’s career as an Army officer. Secondly, you do 5 rounds in tribute of each of his children.

So today we will send Tex off in style and honor the courage and sacrifice of COL McHugh by doing the WOD "Johnny Mac"  Some members of the class of '86 and potentially some of COL McHugh's family members may be in the '62 room at 0530 to cheer everyone one!

Johnny Mac - 5 rounds for time (with 25 minute time limit)
Rd 1:  Run 400 meters (gym loop), 12 x thrusters (95/55), 12 x chest to bar pull-ups
Rd 2: Run 400m, 14 x thrusters, 14 x C2B pull-ups
Rd 3: Run  400m, 16 x thrusters, 16 x C2B pull-ups
Rd 4: Run 400m, 20 x thrusters, 20 x C2B pull-ups
Rd 5: Run 400m, 24 x thrusters, 24 x C2B pull-ups

NOTE:  Scale as needed.  86 reps of each exercise is going to be tough!  Scale smartly so you don't either burn out after the first round or hurt yourself.  Scaling options for the C2B pull-ups include - pull-ups (with just your chin over the bar), using bands, doing jumping pull-ups, etc. 
NOTE2:  The time limit of 25 minutes is there so that you have a goal to beat and enables cadets to get to formation on time without feeling like they've quit short of completion.  If you are not time-constrained and want to finish it out regardless of time, then by all means, get after it! 

Thursday, 27 October

9-9-5-5-3-3 reps of:


Check out a decent video of the snatch (this is a full squat snatch). 

NOTE:  if you've never done the snatch before, then spend the time learning movement at lower weights until you get solid form.  This is NOT a move you want to rush to failure on - your shoulders will not be happy!

Wednesday, 26 October


Deadlift (225/135)
Hand stand push-ups

Check out a decent video (although this guy goes beyond the standard with the HSPUs)

NOTE:  Scale weight as needed. 
NOTE2: To scale HSPU, you can either use bands (although the '62 room has very few of them), elevate your feet on a box, bench, or other item (try to pike your legs, so most of the weight is carried by your arms), or simply elevate your feet so your legs are in line with your shoulders.

Tuesday, 25 October

Today's a bit different, but should be a nice challenge!

200 x strokes on the rower (damper set at 10)
5 miles on the stationary bike

We will have to stagger start on this one due to the limited number of rowing machines. 

NOTE:  If you need to scale on the rower, then you can reduce the damper setting (makes it easier to pull).

Monday, 24 October

WOD Option #1:

APFT at Shea Stadium
Let's meet at 0530 to warm-up and get after it.

WOD Option #2:

5 Rounds for time:
7 x ring dips
11 x knees to elbows
30 x double-unders

Post choice of WOD and results to comments.

Saturday & Sunday, 22 & 23 October

Rest days.

Have a nice weekend.  Beat Vandy!

Friday, 21 October

Tabata Time!

Tabata Push-ups
Rest 2 minutes
Tabata Sit-ups (feet anchored)
Rest 2 minutes
Alternate between Tabata Pull-ups (4 rounds) and Tabata Lunge steps (4 rounds)

NOTE:  Tabata is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest x 8 rounds for each exercise.  Your score is the LOWEST number of reps completed in the 8 rounds.
NOTE2:  For last tabata, do odd # rounds as pull-ups and even # rounds as lunge steps.

Thursday, 20 October

7 x thrusters (95/65)
21 x strokes on rowing machine
Post number of rounds to comments.

Wednesday, 19 October

HANG TOUGH! - Partner WOD!

Pair up and get ready to work and have some fun.  One person does the exercise while the other 'hangs tough!'

40 x box jumps (24/20) - Person A does box jumps & Person B holds pull-up in the UP position.  When Person B's chin drops below the bar, switch roles and B picks up where A left off.  Continue this process until all 40 box jumps are complete.  THEN...
200 x double unders - Person A does DUs while Person B holds a barbell (185/115) in the UP position of the deadlift (i.e. knees & hips fully extended).  Once Person B needs to rest, switch roles. THEN...
40 x wall ball shots (20/14) - A does WBS, B holds a wall-supported handstand.  Once B comes down, switch roles.  THEN...
40 x deadlifts (185/115) - A does DLs, B holds squat in the down position.  Once B rests, switch.

NOTE:  Scale as needed.
NOTE2:  If doing solo, then do 1 minute of exercise, followed by 1 minute of hanging tough.

Tuesday, 18 October

Let's meet at Shea Stadium at 0540 and get after it.  It will be dark, which will be even more awesome!

APFT CrossFit-style

12 rounds for time:
12 x push-ups (hand release)
Sprint 100 meters
12 x sit-ups
Sprint 100 meters

NOTE:  We will do the actual APFT as the WOD for 24 OCT (Monday) to ensure all faculty get it done prior to the end of the month.

Post time to comments.

Monday, 17 October

Squat a lot!

6-4-2 reps of:

Overhead squat

Front squat

Back squat

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD.  Rest as needed and complete all reps of each exercise before moving onto the next (i.e. to 6-4-2 of OHS before moving on to front squats).

Post loads to comments.

Saturday and Sunday, 15 - 16 October

Rest days.  Another awesome week with the morning crew - small, but MIGHTY!

Check out:

Black and Gold CrossFit will be doing the WOD (partner WOD, 11 rounds, 11 reps, 11 exercises!) on Veteran's Day as a way to honor the service and sacrifice of our past, current, and future veterans.  There is no cost to do the WOD or to sign-up as a hosting location, so please spread the word to anyone you know who is interested.  T-shirts are available if you want one (coming soon), but much like the 31 Heroes WOD we did on Labor Day, there is no requirement or request (nor will there ever be) to spend any money, fundraise, etc. - with B&G PT IS ALWAYS FREE! 

If you are outside of the WP area and want to get your garage, box, gym, etc. signed up to partcipate and get the latest details on the event, then click on the link, sign-up, and get after it.

Friday, 14 October

For today's WOD we will meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and then head up to Hayes Gym to get our Arvin Lung on!!!!

10 rounds for time
Run 200 meters (twice around Hayes Track)
Rest 1 minute

Post time to comments.

Thursday, 13 October

3-3-2-2-1-1 reps of:
Push press

Rest as needed and then cash-out with 25 strict pull-ups for time.

Post loads for push press and time for pull-ups to comments.

Wednesday, 12 October

Partner WOD - AMRAP 20

10 x Sumo Deadlift High Pull (95/65) - Person A

20 x Bar facing burpees - Person A

Rope climb (15') & 1.5 lap (200 meters) on track and return to '62 room - Person B

Then switch roles.
Note: Person A completes the assigned reps and then rests until Person B returns.

Note2: If Person B returns before Person A is done, then Person B rests until Person A completes.

Post time and partner's name to comments.

Tuesday, 11 October

5 Rounds for Time:

10 x Front Squat (increase load by 10 lbs. each round)
1 x Comm's Loop (approx. 500 meters)

Post time and load to comments.

Monday - 10 October

Happy Columbus Day - here is an 'anywhere WOD' so you have no excuse to skip out today!

200 push-ups for time
whenever you have to take a break, knock out 10 air squats

Post time to comments.

Saturday and Sunday, 8 & 9 October

Rest and relax - enjoy your Columbus Day weekend.  Good luck to all those running the Army Ten Miler this weekend!

I will post an 'anywhere WOD' for Monday - this means no excuses for skipping out!

Check out this video for all the excuses I've heard for folks who skip WODs -

No excuses!  See you next week!!!!!!!

Friday, 7 October

If you tried out for the Black and Blue team yesterday, then you can do yesterday's WOD (Annie - 50-40-30-20-10 of double-unders and sit-ups).

If you didn't try out, then here is the WOD:

Partner Linda (AKA - "3 bars of death")

Pair up with someone of near equal strength.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:

Deadlift (1 1/2 x body weight)

Bench (body weight)

Clean (3/4 body weight) - cleans = squat cleans (hips below parallel)

Alternate rounds with a partner - Person A does 10 (Person B rests & spots), then Person B does 9 (Person A rests & spots), etc.

NOTE:  Scale weight as needed & use your partner to spot on the bench press.

Post time and partner's name to comments.

Thursday, 6 October


50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

Double-unders (do 1:3 sub for single unders or jumping jacks)
Sit-ups (APFT standard - feet anchored)

Compare to: 9 Feb 2011

NOTE:  If you don't have a jump rope, then I would highly recommend that you purchase one.  Jumping rope is a critical piece of CrossFit.  You can get a rope for about $5 at the PX, Target, or elsewhere.  You don't need anything fancy. 

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 5 October


3 Rounds for Time
Run 400 meters (gym loop)
21 x Kettle Bell swings (53/35)
12 x pull-ups

Compare to July 27, 2011
Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 4 October

2 options for today's WOD

Option #1 - for all of those who didn't do try outs for the Black and Blue team:


10 x Wall ball shots (20/14)
10 x Knees to Elbows
10 x Box jumps (24/20)

Post number of rounds complete to comments.

Option #2 - for those who did try out

Run 4.2 miles (approximately)

Route: Start at Comm's House, run to Lee Gate and then to Washington Gate and then return to start point.

Post time to comments.

Monday, 3 October

For those of you trying out for the team for the Black and Blue competition - good luck! 

Run 4.2 miles (approximately)

Route:  Start in front of the Comm's House, run to Lee Gate, once back at Washington Road (the main road), turn right, head up past the hospital up the hill to Washington Gate.  Turn around and run back to the start point (note:  you do NOT run back to Lee Gate on the way back, just straight back down Washington Road)

NOTE1:  Bring your reflective belt and watch for cars when crossing the street.
NOTE2:  Warm-up on your own and start running as close to 0530 as you can to ensure you have enough time to complete and cool down/stretch prior to formation.
NOTE3:  There may not be a very large group running due to the Black and Blue try-outs - this is NOT a reason to skip out. 

Post time to comments.

Saturday & Sunday - 1 & 2 October

Rest days.  Beat Tulane!  Happy reunion weekend to old grads.

If you are interested in trying out to compete in the Black and Blue CrossFit competition against Air Force, then try-outs will be held Monday morning at 0530 in the '62 room. 

If you are not interested in trying out, I will post a different WOD for the group. 

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, 30 September

ATTENTION OLD GRADS COMING FOR THE REUNION THIS WEEKEND - if you are interested in participating in today's WOD, please email:;  I've checked the reunion schedule and there isn't a good time on Saturday to do a WOD based on parade and football game. 

5 Rounds For Time -

20 x Pull-Ups
30 x Push-ups
40 x Sit-ups (APFT Standard)
50 x Air Squats
Rest 3 minutes

NOTE:  If you have to depart before you complete, just complete as much as you can do before you have to punch out.

Thursday, 29 September

ATTENTION OLD GRADS COMING FOR THE REUNION THIS WEEKEND - if you are interested in participating in Friday morning's WOD, please email:;  I've checked the reunion schedule and there isn't a good time on Saturday to do a WOD based on parade and football game. 

Check out the main site ( today and watch the Iceland CrossFit Anywhere video - you will see someone proudly rocking a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt in Iceland!  Anyone know who that is???  AWESOME!!!!!!

For today's WOD - Strap on your reflective belt and come and report to the '62 room.

25 x Ground to Overhead (115/75)
Run 1 mile
10 x Ground to Overhead (115/75)

NOTE:  For Ground to Overhead the bar starts on the ground and you use whatever method you'd like to get it overhead with arms fully locked out - clean and jerk, snatch, squat clean and thruster, etc.
NOTE2:  The 1 mile route is from Arvin to Kozcuisko Monument and back.  Watch for traffic & wear your reflective belt!
NOTE3:  Scale weight as needed.  This workout should be challenging, but if you find yourself staring at the bar for extended periods of time, then drop some weight to maintain intensity.
Post time to comments.

Wednesday, September 28

ATTENTION OLD GRADS COMING FOR THE REUNION THIS WEEKEND - if you are interested in participating in Friday morning's WOD, please email:;  I've checked the reunion schedule and there isn't a good time on Saturday to do a WOD based on parade and football game. 

As for today's WOD:

3 rounds for time (each person completes 3 rounds)

Partner WOD

Run gym loop (approximately 400 meters w/ 2 flights of stairs) (Person A)
10 x box jumps (24/20) (Person B)
10 x kettlebell swings (53/35) (Person B)

NOTE:  While Person A runs a gym loop, Person B completes as many rounds as possible of box jumps and KBS.  Once Person A returns, they pick up where Person B left off and they continue with as many round as possible until Person B returns.  After both people complete the gym loop, that is one round complete.  Repeat the sequence twice more.
NOTE2:  If running solo, simply time yourself on the run portion and use that time as your amount of time you have to do box jumps and KBS.

Post time and total number of rounds complete of box jumps and KBS complete to comments.

Tuesday, 27 September

Bike 1 mile
5 x Wall climbs & handstand push-ups

Post number of rounds to comments.

Monday, September 26

Front Squat

Compare to August 15 2011
Post loads to comments.

Saturday & Sunday, 24 - 25 September

Check out a great news clip of the Black and Gold CrossFit founder, Dan Blackmon, talking about his efforts in Fight Gone Bad 6.  He raised over $17,000 for a great cause.  To make it all the more awesome, he did FGB6 while on mid-tour leave.

Job well done - NEVER QUIT!

Rest days to recover from a tough week!  See you Monday!

Friday, 23 September

Short distance, high intensity intervals! 

Let's meet in the '62 Room to warm up and then we will head up to the basketball courts (4th floor).

12 rounds for time:
20 double-unders (1:2 sub to maintain high intensity = 40 single unders/jumping jacks)
100 meter sprint touch & go (run 50m, touch, and return to start - half length of B-Ball courts - longwise)
Rest 1 minute

Post time to comments.

Thursday, 22 September


21-15-9 reps of:
Squat clean (135/95)
Ring dips

NOTE 1:  Scale as needed.  High rep, high weight squat cleans are tough!  Try to maintain intensity and not spend a majority of the WOD staring at the bar (or rings)
NOTE 2:  If you reach muscle failure on ring dips you can either use a band to assist, do jumping ring dips, do regular dips, or do push-ups.  Regardless, complete all the reps!

Check out a video on the CrossFit main site - click on Elizabeth as rx'd:

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 21 September

Team WOD:

In a team of 3 -

AMRAP 15 (Note - we scaled it back from 20 mins to 15 min based on time available and challenge of the workout):
Person #1 - Row 500 meters (or 45 strokes on a machine w/o display)
Person #2 - Deadlift (225/150) [max reps while on station]
Person #3 - Sit-ups (APFT standard, use something to anchor your feet) [max reps while on station]

The person rowing sets the rotation pace - once they are complete with 500 meters, they rotate to the next station and team members rotate to the next task.  The next team member rows 500 meters and then rotates.  Pretty simple concept, but tracking your team score may prove to be challenging - figure out a system for your team and then get after it. 

The goal is to complete the most work in the least amount of time (i.e. max power!). 

NOTE 1:  If you don't have 2 friends to work out with, then start with Rowing 500m, see how long it takes you, then use at as your rotation time for each station.
NOTE 2:  If we don't have the right number of folks to make full teams, then we will figure it out.
NOTE 3: If your team uses the rower in the '62 room, then you have to do walking lunges between stations in order to even out the time advantage you have over folks who go to the other room.
NOTE 4:  If all the rowing machines with digital output are in use, then sub with 45 strokes on the rowing machine without the display, it should be close.
NOTE 5: There are no more notes...less rules, more work!

Post total team reps and name of team members to comments.

Tuesday, 20 September

Before you check out the WOD, check out this video - amazing & insane.

Nancy (with long legs)

5 rounds for time:

1 x Comm's Loop (approx. 500 meters; Nancy is only 400 meters)
15 x Overhead squats (Beginner = 45 lbs., Intermediate = 75 lbs., Advanced = 95 lbs.)

compare to 9 August 2011

Post time to comments.

Monday, 19 September

Max reps until dropping off the bar - no kipping allowed

Max reps of Strict pull-ups (palms facing away)
    Rest 3 minutes
Max reps of Strict chin-ups (palms facing you)
    Rest 3 minutes
Max reps of Strict mixed grip
   Rest 3 minutes

Repeat sequence, but now only rest 1 min. between each set

NOTE 1:  Tape your hands, use chalk, or whatever method you prefer to avoid tearing your hands.

NOTE 2:  You get 1 point for each rep.  If you arms aren't fully locked out at the bottom, or if your chin doesn't make it above the bar, then it doesn't count.

Post total score to comments.

Friday, 16 September

Medicine ball clean and shoot (20/14) -  "Beat the clock"

1 x MBC&S in the 1st minute

2 x MBC&S in the 2nd minute

3 x MBC&S in the 3rd minute

Continue to add one more every minute until you can't complete all work in 1 minute.

Post number of rounds to comments.

Thursday, 15 September

Partner IOCT repeats - AMRAP 15

Person #1 - runs IOCT (w/ modified 1/2 last lap to get to stairs)
Person #2 - rests

After Person #1 finishes, Person #2 runs IOCT, and Person #1 rests. Repeat for 15 minutes.

Note:  We will stagger starts by a few minutes to avoid stacking up at any station.  If there are a bunch of other folks in Hayes working on the IOCT, we will have to play well with others!

Post number of IOCTs complete by partners to comments.

Wednesday, 14 September

5 Rounds for Time:

10 x Ring Dips
10 x Front Squats (115/75)
50 x Double-unders (or 200 single-unders/jumping jacks)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 13 September

9 x push press (75/45)  - check out a decent video Push press video
15 x bar facing burpees (see instructions below)
Rest 30 seconds

Bar-facing burpees
Each burpee must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell. Your head cannot be over the barbell. The chest and thighs touch the ground at the bottom. You must jump over the barbell from both feet and land on both feet. One-footed jumping or stepping over is not permitted. The next rep will then begin on the opposite side facing the barbell.

Post number of rounds to comments.

Monday, 12 September

Run 5km

Start in front of the Comm's House, run to Lee Gate, and return to Comm's House.

NOTE:  For those who are running with the early crew, meet in front of the Comm's House to stretch and warm up with a step off at 0545. 

Post time to comments.

Saturday & Sunday, 10 & 11 Sept

Rest on Saturday.

Sunday, do something active in rememberance of the 10 year anniversary of 9.11.01.  You can walk, run, bike, swim, hike, rock climb, wrestle, ice skate, or anything else, but do something that requires you to break a sweat.

Post to comments what you were doing 10 years ago on 9.11.01 when the world changed.

Friday, 9 September

Warm-up and then spend 30 minutes working on muscle-up progressions and technique. 

check out this great video on muscle-up progressions - Muscle Up Progression Video

Post your progress on muscle-ups to comments.

Thursday, 8 September

10-10-10 reps of  Overhead squat


Bike max distance in 10 minutes.

NOTE:  There is no time component to overhead squats.  Take your time, concentrate on form.

Wednesday, 7 September

15-10-5-5 reps

Do 10 x GHD or inclined sit-ups after each set.

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD.  Concentrate on form and don't rush to failure (or back injury!)

Tuesday, 6 September

APFT CrossFit-style!

Let's meet at Shea Stadium at 0535 and get after it.

4 Rounds for Time:
30 x Push-ups (APFT Standard; all the way down and lock arms out at the top - don't cheat yourself!)
30 x Sit-up (APFT standard; anchor your feet)
Run 800 meters
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Post time to comments (continuous clock; include rest as part of time - time stops after you complete the 4th x 800 meter run)

Monday, 5 September


Adam, Caleb, Matt, Erin, & Tex - 31 Heroes WOD - Labor Day 2011

31 Heroes WOD

If you are around and want to participate in this WOD, please RSVP to comments so we know who to expect.  Let's meet at Arvin when it opens (0900), pair up, and get after it in rememberance of the 31 Heroes KIA in Afghanistan helicopter crash.

Bring an assault pack loaded with about 45 lbs.


AMRAP 31 Min (As Many Reps As Possible)

8 x Thrusters (155/105)
6 x Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent)
11 x Box Jumps (30/24)

This is a Partner WOD – Partner #1 will perform the work listed above. Partner #2 will run Comm's Loop with an assault pack (45/25). Once Partner #2 returns from the run, Partner #1 will grab the assault pack and begin their the run, while Partner #2 continues work wherever #1 left off.

Score – Total # of reps

NOTE:  Scale as needed.  Don't hurt yourself.
NOTE2:  If you dontated to the 31 Heroes cause and have a t-shirt enroute, I will let you know when it arrives.  They are supposed to mail them in bulk to the affilitiate (aka my house) and I will email you when you shirt arrives.  If you didn't buy a shirt, no worries, you can still get after the WOD - PT is always FREE at Arvin!!!

Post number of rounds or partial rounds, weight used, and partner's name to comments.

Saturday & Sunday, 3 & 4 September

Rest days.

Rest, refit, and get ready to hit the 31 HEROES WOD on Monday.  If you are traveling and won't be around for Monday's WOD, then find a way to challenge yourself physically and break a sweat!

Friday, 2 September

We will do the warm-up in the '62 room and then move upstairs to the 2nd Floor basketball courts.
This morning the early crew hit the WOD and did a few modifications based on how quickly we all got smoked and failed!


Sprint - Beat the Clock  - ROUND 1

Run 1 x baseline to baseline down and back the first minute (approximately 60 meters total)
Run 2 x baseline to baseline down and back the 2nd minute
Continue this sequence (adding an additional sprint each minute) until you can't finish all sprints in 1 minute

NOTE:  This will last 3 - 5 rounds depending on your level of fitness and quickness!



Run 1 x length of the court (only down - 30 meters) the first minute
Run 2 x lengths the 2nd minute
Run 3 x lengths the 3rd minute
Continue this sequence until you can't complete required runs in 1 minute.

NOTE:  This will last 6 - 9 rounds depending on your level of fitness and quickness.

Bonus round (if you aren't smoked already!) - 200 double-unders for time

Post number of rounds complete to comments.

Thursday, 1 September

Warm-up - 3 Rounds Untimed:
20 x double-unders
15 x push-ups
3 x pull-ups
10 x rowers or GHD sit-ups
10 x back extensions



Bench press
Weighted pull-ups

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD, make sure you use a spotter for the bench.

NOTE2:  Based on how crowded the '62 room has been this week, we will have to secure a few spots early.  We may have to triple up on a bench, so try to get together with folks of near equal ability to minimize time it takes to change weights, etc.

Post loads to comments.

Wednesday, 31 August

Warm up - 3 rounds untimed
20 x double-unders (or 80 single-unders or jumping jacks)
10 x push-ups
10 x air squats
3 x pull-ups
10 x lunge steps
10 x back extensions


Fight Gone "Bounce" - 3 rounds for time -a twist on the classic

(Max reps in one minute for each exercise then automatically rotate to next exercise; rest 1 minute between rounds)

Wall ball shots (20/14)
Sumo deadlift high-pull (75/45)
Box jumps (20)
Push-press (75/45)
Double-unders (or single unders or tuck jumps)
Rest 1 minute & repeat

You get 1 point per rep. 

Post total score to comments.

Tuesday, 30 August

Warm-up - 3 Rounds (Untimed)

20 x double-unders (or 80 single-unders or jumping jacks)
10 x Push press (45 lbs. bar or less weight)
10 x Burpees
10 x Mountain climbers
10 x Front squat (45 lbs. bar or less weight)
10 x Rowers or GHD sit-ups

For time:

Squat cleans (increase load by 10 lbs per round)
Bike 1 mile after each set of squat cleans

Post time and load to comments.

Monday, 29 August

Hopefully everyone made out okay during the storm.  Based on current conditions, I don't see any reason that Arvin would be closed in the morning, so get your lazy bones out of the rack and join us in the '62 room at 0530.

Starting this week, I'm going to start posting a warm-up to get people moving upon arrival.  I've noticed that some folks show up, stand around for about 10 minutes, and watch as other people warm-up.  As a result, I will start posting a suggested warm-up.  If you already have a routine that you prefer, then do your own thing, but if you don't have a routine, then give it a shot.  The intent is to get your blood pumping and your muscles warmed up.

Warm-up - 3 Rounds Untimed (10 minute limit)
20 x Double unders (or 80 x single unders or jumping jacks)
15 x Push-ups
10 x Lunge steps
3 x Pull-ups
10 x Rowers or GHD sit-ups
10 x Back extensions
20 x Double unders (or single unders or jumping jacks)

This isn't a real named WOD, but I figured I would call it "IRENE" since the hurricane just rocked the area.


Complete as many rope climbs as possible using any technique you'd like.

Beginner - focus on form and practice your rope climbing technique - work on different locks and foot positioning

Advanced - start from the seated position for your climbs.

Post number of completed climbs to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 27 & 28 AUG

Rest & prepare for Hurricane Irene.

Seriously an earthquake and a hurricane in the same week at West Point.  Crazy.

Stay safe.  Check the blog late Sunday night to see if Arvin will be open on Monday morning. 

Friday, 26 August

Partner up and get ready to knock out some back squats.

Minimum number of reps to back squat 5,000 lbs.

There is no time component to this WOD; use your partner to spot.

Post number of reps needed to reach 5,000 lbs. and partner name.

Thursday, 25 August

ADMIN NOTE:  If you are a regular of Black and Gold and you would like to be added to an email distro, please send an email to:  I rarely send emails, but it gives me another way to communicate in the event the blog is down or other information needs to be sent out.

As for the workout -

Let's meet at the River Courts at 0530, partner up, warm-up and then get after it.


Person #1 Run Stairway to Hell (STH)
Person #2 Max reps of knees to elbows & dips in the time that Person #1 runs STH
Switch roles for a total of 20 minutes.

Scoring - 50 points for every completed STH (for partial, you get 25 points if you make it to the top) and 1 point for each KTE or dip completed. 

Post total points and partner name to comments.

Wednesday, 24 August

Team WOD - in a team of 4, pick your own sequence and rep scheme.  Time stops when you complete all reps of each exercise.  It would help to have a note card and a pen to track progress for your team.

If hitting it solo or with fewer than 4, scale reps as needed.

300 x Air squats
250 x push-ups (APFT standard)
200 x Double unders (4 for 1 subsitution for single-unders or side straddle hops)
150 x rowers (ab exercise)
100 x lunge steps holding a 20 lbs. medicine ball (1 step = 1 rep)
50 x Thrusters - 95/65  (NOTE - Scale weight as needed - don't be a hero and hurt yourself!)
9 x Rope or cargo net climbs w/ 1/2 lap run to stairs back to '62 Room
9 x Stairway to Heaven ascents

Post time and team members to comments.

Tuesday, 23 August

Day 2 of Black and Gold Team Week! All WODs this week will either be team or partner WODs and it should be a lot of fun and give everyone a chance to meet and interact with some different folks. If you aren't at USMA or don't have a work-out partner(s) then you can either recruit someone to join you (and possibly get them addicted to CF!) or scale as needed to make it a solo WOD. As always, use common sense, scale to your own (and your partner's ability) and don't overdo it if you find yourself paired with someone with much higher (or lower) ability than yourself.

Team Tabata Torture!  - 4 person team, execute 1 set of an exercise for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds and rotate in a round robin fashion for a total of 32 times.  This workout will last 16 minutes from start to finish and one person per team will be resting and 3 exercising.  See notes for complete description.

Box jumps (24/20 inches)
Wall ball shots (20/14 lbs. @ 10' target)
Rest/record scores

Concept - The traditional tabata format is as follows: You do max reps of the given exercise for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds and repeat this sequence for a total of 8 times (4 minutes of work).  Your score for the exercise is the LOWEST number of reps you completed in any given round.  For the Team Tabata Torture, we are putting a bit of a twist on it.  In your team of 4, Person A will do pull-ups, Person B box jumps, Person C wall ball shots, and Person D resting & helping record scores.  For 20 seconds, everyone does max reps of their designated exercise and then rest and rotate to the next exercise for 10 seconds.  This rotation goes for 16 minutes straight and in this time everyone on the team will have completed 8 x 30 second rounds of each exercise (including the 10 sec rest).  At any given time, 1 person will be the recorder and 3 people will be the exercisers so you get a nice break every so often.
Scoring - Your team score for each exercise is Highest score + Lowest score, and your overall team score is the sum of all three team scores for each exercise.
Example scoring - For your team, the highest number of pull-ups in any of the 20 second iterations was 15 and the lowest number for anyone was 3, this means your team score for pull-ups was 18.
Post team member names, team score by event and overall team score to comments.  You can also post your personal score per event if you'd like to compare to other individuals. 

Monday, 22 August

Monday is the start of Black and Gold Team Week!  All WODs this week will either be team or partner WODs and it should be a lot of fun and give everyone a chance to meet and interact with some different folks.  If you aren't at USMA or don't have a work-out partner(s) then you can either recruit someone to join you (and possibly get them addicted to CF!) or scale as needed to make it a solo WOD.  As always, use common sense, scale to your own (and your partner's ability) and don't overdo it if you find yourself paired with someone with much higher (or lower) ability than yourself. 

For the morning crew, on Monday let's meet at Mac Statue at 0530 to warm-up and determine partners.


Diagonal Walk Shuttle Runs with a partner
1/4 Diagonal Walk & back (approx. 100 meters) - max reps in 3 minutes
Rest 2 minutes
1/2 Diagonal Walk & back (approx. 200 meters) - max reps in 4 minutes
Rest 1 minute
Diagonal Walk & back (approx. 400 meters) - max reps in 5 minutes

Concept:  From each pair, one person runs and the other person rests.  Once Person A completes their shuttle run, tag out and Person B runs the prescribed distance while Person A rests.
NOTE:  If there ends up being an odd number of folks, we will figure out how to make it fair. 
NOTE2:  It would help if people brought notecards or paper to record number laps run.

Post total number of legs run by distance to comments & name of partner.

Saturday and Sunday, 20 & 21 August

Rest Days.

Class of 2012, have a great Ring Weekend! 

Old grads, post the type of stone you had in your class ring.

See you Monday!

Friday, 19 August

It looks simple enough, but trust me, it will be challenging!

Advanced = 30 x wall climbs & handstand push-ups
Intermediate = 15 x wall climbs & handstand push-ups
Beginner = 20 minutes practice of handstands - see how long you can hold a supported handstand

Every time you take a rest break, knock out 3 ring pull-ups.  (In honor of Ring Weekend, of course!)

Note:  If not familar with wall climbs - you start with your chest flat on the ground, with feet touching the wall behind you.  Use your arms and legs to move your body until you are completely inverted into a supported handstand position against the wall.  Walk your hands out and back to the starting position. 

Post time and number of breaks to comments.

Thursday, 18 August

Deadlift  (<--- check out video hyperlink)
5-5-5 for weight (untimed; concentrate on proper form)

Then for time:
250 x double-unders (advanced)
100 x double-unders (beginner; 4:1 substitution of single-unders or side straddle hops (no rope))

Post loads for deadlift and time for double-unders to comments.

Wednesday, 17 August

5 Rounds for Time
12 x Kettle bell swings  - 53 lbs. (advanced), 35 lbs. (intermediate), 15 lbs. dumbell (beginner)
Run to top of Stairway to Heaven
20 x push-ups - hand-release (advanced), APFT standard (intermediate), knee (beginner)
Run down Stairway to Heaven to start

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 16 August

Let's meet in the '62 Room to warm-up at 0530.  I will brief the WOD at 0545 with demos as needed.  If we have a large crowd, we will have to start WOD in waves to minimize waiting time for equipment.

AMRAP 15  (As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes)
11 x ring dips
Run up to Hayes Gym by the shelf (approx. 100 meter run with stairs)
11 x knees to elbows
Sprint across the gym to the monkey bars (approx. 50 meter run)
Cross monkey bars - if you fall off, knock out a 25 air squat penalty before moving on
1 x rope ascent (15 feet) - (Scale smartly: if you can't climb rope, use cargo net)
Sprint 1/2 lap (50 meters), down to '62 Room and repeat
Post number of rounds to comments.

Monday, 15 August

Welcome back to the Academic year!  Time to strengthen your body and mind in order to Beat the Dean!  This week we are starting off with a strength day.  For new (and old) folks, make sure you have correct form before you start to load up the heavier weights.

Front Squat  (<--- check out the video hyperlink)
10-5-5-3-3-1-1 reps

In between each set knock out 20 sit-ups (beginner) or 15 GHD sit-ups (advanced)

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD.

Post loads to comments.

Saturday and Sunday, 13 & 14 August

Rest days. 

If at USMA, come out and see the Acceptance Day parade and welcome the members of 2015 to the Corps of Cadets!  Also, I hear the football team has their fall scrimmage at Michie Stadium at 1430.

Rock the Black and Gold!  See you Monday!

Friday, 12 August

Run 5km

Route goes from in front of Comm's House to Lee Gate and back.

Morning crew, let's meet in the '62 room at 0530, warm-up and we'll step up by 0545.

NOTE:  Cadets, if you want to hit the Thursday WOD instead, go for it.  I know you all ran on Thursday, so I don't want you to feel cheated out of a chance to smoke yourself!

Post time to comments.

Thursday, 11 August

Coming up on 3 September there is a WOD to remember the 31 heroes recently killed in Afghanistan.  Check out   I don't know what the WOD will be and there is no requirement to donate to participate, but if you are interested check it out.  A $31 donation gets a 31WOD t-shirt and 100% proceeds go to supporting families of the Fallen 31.  More to follow.

and now for Thursday's WOD:

21-15-9 reps of:

Rowers (ab exercise)
Sumo deadlift high pull (65/45 lbs.)
Overhead carry total steps (65/45 lbs.)

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 10 August


15 x Med ball clean and shoot (20/14 lbs. to a 10' target)
1 x rope climb (15')
Run 2.5 laps on Hayes Track (approx. 500 meters)

Post number of rounds to comments.

Tuesday, 9 August

Nancy (with long legs)

5 rounds for time:
1 x Comm's Loop (approx. 500 meters; Nancy is only 400 meters)
15 x Overhead squats (Beginner = 45 lbs., Intermediate = 75 lbs., Advanced = 95 lbs.)

compare to 4 April 2011
Post time to comments.

Monday, 8 August

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

7 rounds for time:
7 x pull-ups
14 x burpees
21 x air squats

Compare to 12 May 2011

Post time to comments.

Saturday and Sunday, 6 & 7 August

Rest days.  Enjoy your last few days 'off' before Reorgy Week kicks off!

Friday, 5 August

Strength day:


Knock out 10 x GHD sit-ups between each set.

Post loads to comments.

Thursday, 4 August

Row 500 meters
5 x wall climbs

Check out the video of how NOT to row - Rowing Fail

Post number of rounds to comments.

Wednesday, 3 August

5 Rounds for Time:

Run Stairway to Heaven
7 x ground to overhead (115/75)
7 x front squat (115/75)
7 x ring dips

NOTE:  With ground to overhead you can use any method you'd like to get the barbell from the ground to locked out over your head.

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 2 August

Lynne with a twist - 5 rounds of max reps of:

Bench press (body weight)
Pull-ups* (*Rd 1: Strict pull-ups, Rd 2: kipping pull-ups, Rd 3: strict chin-ups, Rd 4: kipping chin-ups, Rd 5: kipping mixed grip)

NOTE:  There is no time element to this WOD so use a spotter.
NOTE2:  You are finished with the exercise when either your reach failure on the bench press or if you drop off the bar during the pull-ups.

Monday,1 AUG

Track work at Shea Stadium - morning crew let's meet at 0545 and get after it.

Complete the following workout for time:

3 x shuttle runs (20, 10, 5 yards touch and go): rest 30 seconds between each shuttle run
2 x sprint 100 meters and jog backwards 300 meters
2 x sprint 200 meters and jog backwards 200 meters
2 x sprint 300 meters and jog backwards 100 meters
Run 800 meters (1/2 mile)

NOTE: Only rest occurs after each shuttle run.  Remainder of time there is no rest.

Post total time to comments.

Friday, 29 July

Push-up and box jump "Beat the Clock"

Do 1 x push-up and 1 x box jump (24 inch) the 1st minute and add a rep every minute until you can't keep up. 

Example:  Minute 1: 1 x push-up and 1 x box jump; Minute 2: 2 x push-ups and 2 x box jumps...until you cannot complete required reps within a minute.
Post number of rounds complete to comments.

Thursday, 28 July

Run 1 mile (Kozusico Monument and back)
15 x Wall ball shots (20/14)
30 x strokes on the C2 rower
15 x Med ball cleans (20/14)
30 x strokes on the C2 rower
15 x Med ball clean and shoot (20/14)
Run 1 mile

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 27 July

Helen - 3 rounds for time

Run 400m (Gym loop)
21 x Kettle Bell Swings (53 lbs.)
12 x pull-ups

Compare to: 01/05/11 

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 26 July

Warm up in '62 room for a bit and then head to Hayes Gym for the WOD.


10 x Knees to Elbows
Sprint 50 meters
25 x double unders
1 x rope climb (15 feet)
Run 1/2 lap and back to start (200 meters)

Post number of rounds to comments.

Monday, 25 July

The Bear Complex.

First, check out the video, it does a great job explaining the work out. Bear Video

Here is the description:

This is one rep:

1. Power Clean
2. Front Squat
3. Push-Press
4. Back Squat
5. Push-Press

Do that seven times for one round.

Do 5 rounds total working up to your max.

You can rest in between rounds.

Post loads per round to comments.

Friday, 22 JULY


15 x back squat (95/65)
10 x push-press (95/65)
5 x sumo deadlift high-pull (95/65)
Run 1 x Comm's Loop (500 meters)

Post number of rounds to comments.

Thursday, 21 July

Alright, we are going a bit off the programming template, but after a rough few days with weights, we are going to do a 5 km run today to give our shoulders, hamstrings, and other body parts a bit of a rest.

Let's meet in the '62 Room, warm-up for a bit, and then hit the 5k route.  (Comm's House to Lee Gate and back).

Please bring reflective belt, so we set the proper example in front of the new cadets.

See you there!

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 20 July

Tomorrow at USMA there is a post-wide force protection exercise.  A few impacts of note:  parking at Arvin, Thayer, and Doubleday will be off limits; you will need your ID card at all times; and a barrier system will be in place to block the roads leading to Arvin and between Thayer and library.   Parking will be bad all day, so show up early, park at Clinton Lots (Trophy Point), and then do some CrossFit!

Let's meet at the River Courts at 0545 to warm up and then get after it.

11 x pull-ups
11 x dips
Run up black metal stairway to Hell, all the way to the top to by the WP Club (Thayer Road)
11 x burpees, then run down stairs to start point.

NOTE:  For those not at West Point, run up the steepest, nastiest hill you can find (approx. 400 meters) or run up 6 flights of stairs.
NOTE2:  Carry your ID card with you so that if you get stopped next to the WP Club while doing burpees, you can quickly drive on and not ruin your time!

Post number of rounds to comments.