Wednesday, 27 July

Helen - 3 rounds for time

Run 400m (Gym loop)
21 x Kettle Bell Swings (53 lbs.)
12 x pull-ups

Compare to: 01/05/11 

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

10:35 as rx'd.

My January time was 11:32 scaled to 35 lbs. KBS. Glad that I'm improving.

Thanks for the push from Matt and ErinM!

ErinM said...


One-armed (sigh). Trying not to blow out the elbow before the school year. Scaled to 26 lb KBS with one arm and green band one arm pull-ups.

Tex said...

10:20 as rx'd

Seems woefully inadequate against my January time of 8:00. Pull-ups are still not kipping.

Sweddy said...

As RX'd, 10:27. Is the indoor run route up to the third floor and over, then down? That's what I ran.

Matt said...


Good times had by all.

As Rx'd: 9:35

At the beginning I felt the onset of "Arvin-lung," but it passed.

@Sweddy, yeah, up to the third floor. Aren't the stairs fun? Especially right before the KB swings?

jswobe said...


2 minutes faster than last time (it helped that I had someone chasing me...).

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD