Monday, 18 July

Remember the game "Mike Tyson's Punch Out?"  - Well today's WOD is a CrossFit version of the classic game.

Punch Out - 12 rounds with the champ!

12 Rounds for Time:
20 x punches on the heavy bag (10 punches per hand)
20 x air squats (you are dodging punches)
20 x rowers (you are trying to get up off the mat!)
Rest 30 seconds between rounds.

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Matt said...


That was a good change of pace from some of the WODs we did over the last few weeks. There was no time to slack with Adam there pushing me the whole time.

18:51 (rest time included)

Adam said...

19:40 (w/ rest included)

I think I could've beat King Hippo, but not Tyson with that effort. If you have never played Mike Tyson's Punch Out on Nintendo, then disregard my comment.

jswobe said...

So, in serving my own training interests, I changed this up a little.

Punch Out! - 8 Rounds with Chuck Norris!

8 RFT:
20 punches on the heavy bag
10 kicks on the heavy or speed bag
10 burpee spin kicks
10 air squats
20 rowers
Rest 30 seconds

8 rounds was all I had time for...

32:15 or 32:30 (cannot remember!)

Nice WOD, btw (even w/o my personal alterations). Great idea and great references to the NES!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

jswobe - not sure what a 'burpee spin kick' is, but sounds like fun! You should know better than to try to go 8 rounds with Chuck Norris...that's simply not possible!

JWM said...

I saw on Rogue's facebook page that they are having somebody send them back bad ring straps to replace them for free. You might want to call Bill Henniger at Rogue and see about getting some of the old ones replaced. They worked really well when they were new!

Adam said...

JWM, thanks I will check on it. I hope all is well at ILE!

jswobe said...

Burpee spin kick:

drop flat, push-up, stand up, do one of five or six different spinning back kicks (think Van Damme in "Bloodsport") and then back down for the next...

You know all that stuff they say about Chuck Norris...