Monday,1 AUG

Track work at Shea Stadium - morning crew let's meet at 0545 and get after it.

Complete the following workout for time:

3 x shuttle runs (20, 10, 5 yards touch and go): rest 30 seconds between each shuttle run
2 x sprint 100 meters and jog backwards 300 meters
2 x sprint 200 meters and jog backwards 200 meters
2 x sprint 300 meters and jog backwards 100 meters
Run 800 meters (1/2 mile)

NOTE: Only rest occurs after each shuttle run.  Remainder of time there is no rest.

Post total time to comments.


Sweddy said...

18:38 for everything. It was great to meet the morning crew!

Matt said...



I had so much trouble moving my legs any faster.

@Sweddy, welcome to the crew.

Tex said...

17:37 Sweddy, it was great to finally put a face to the name, sir.

Adam said...


The backwards running was a nice twist. Constantly varied indeed.

Welcome to the early risers Sweddy!

Based on my schedule, I should be there in tomorrow morning.

kseki said...

23:47...Who runs backwards anyways?!? That sucked.