Thursday, 21 July

Alright, we are going a bit off the programming template, but after a rough few days with weights, we are going to do a 5 km run today to give our shoulders, hamstrings, and other body parts a bit of a rest.

Let's meet in the '62 Room, warm-up for a bit, and then hit the 5k route.  (Comm's House to Lee Gate and back).

Please bring reflective belt, so we set the proper example in front of the new cadets.

See you there!

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Adam said...


I felt like I was flying, but slower than usual (20:15 in Nov, 21:00 in April...)

Not sure why my run is slowing down so much. I feel like I'm pushing it as hard as I can go, but slower than previously. That being said, my strength is much better than previously, so I guess it's the trade off!

Matt said...


23:18 with one stop to tie my shoe.

This is my first run on this course. We'll see how it changes over time. Hopefully for the better.

Sweddy said...

Went for a two mile stand up paddleboard session this morning. Probably won't get the chance for the run today. I ran a 5K last Saturday; 22minutes something.

jswobe said...

In light of the 100-degree temp, I opted out of the run. I will try and make up over the weekend or sometime next week.

100 double unders in 1:50
30 minutes of "Fun w/ Chuck Norris" (or just 30 minutes of kung fu...take your pick)

BTW - did you know Chuck Norris doesn't have a beard under his chin? It's a third fist...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

jswobe - nice!

Tex said...

Tried to run the 5k after work, but was turned around at the entrance to the plaza with Subway, so I ran the route from Arvin to there 2x. The distance was 2.8 miles and my time was 20:48.
That was a miserably hot and slow run.