Wednesday, 20 July

Tomorrow at USMA there is a post-wide force protection exercise.  A few impacts of note:  parking at Arvin, Thayer, and Doubleday will be off limits; you will need your ID card at all times; and a barrier system will be in place to block the roads leading to Arvin and between Thayer and library.   Parking will be bad all day, so show up early, park at Clinton Lots (Trophy Point), and then do some CrossFit!

Let's meet at the River Courts at 0545 to warm up and then get after it.

11 x pull-ups
11 x dips
Run up black metal stairway to Hell, all the way to the top to by the WP Club (Thayer Road)
11 x burpees, then run down stairs to start point.

NOTE:  For those not at West Point, run up the steepest, nastiest hill you can find (approx. 400 meters) or run up 6 flights of stairs.
NOTE2:  Carry your ID card with you so that if you get stopped next to the WP Club while doing burpees, you can quickly drive on and not ruin your time!

Post number of rounds to comments.


Adam said...

3 rounds + p/u, dips, and run up 6 concrete stairs by Thayer (just short of barber shop at O Club).

Wow, the stairway is TOUGH! Legs were smoked after round 1. Burpees were miserable. Tex and Matt were heroes for pushing through!

This one will have to resurface during the academic year when cadets can come out and play!

jswobe, when you come to visit, this will be on the agenda.

Tex said...

3 rounds plus p/u, dips and all but the last stair. Miserable. I just couldn't hang with Matt on the stairs and burpees.

JC said...

Black and Golders, Sorry I haven't been in for WODs with the crew. I certainly have been there in spirit. CBT schedule hasn't been very compatible with B&G schedule. I did manage to work in modified version of this WOD at the Stony II fitness area.

4 Rounds + p/u, and dips.

I had to reverse the run, down hill first and then up the Stony II entrance hill. Not nearly as difficult as the stairway to hell.

A. Swedberg said...

3 rounds + 11 pullups + 11 dips + about 40m. I did this about 11:30am today--nice and hot.

Matt said...


Sweet WOD. I don't think I could have done this one alone. At least not at the intensity I did.

50m short of 4 rounds. If we would have been on the near bars, it would have been 4 rounds.

jswobe said...

So, since I did not feel like repeating my pull-up/dip workout from yesterday - nor do I have a set of stairs or any sort of hill even remotely as brutal as the stairs up from the river courts! - I made-up a WOD I missed while on vacation.

7 x Bench Press (185#)
14 x burpee box jumps
30 x walking lunges carrying a 20# med ball

5 rounds + 4 x BP (BP @ 175#)

BTW - I'm looking forward to making up all of these extra-fun WODs when I come up for a visit. That will be a hell of a visit...

And I liked "Sweddy" better...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

danth said...

The heat of the day destroyed me. Stopped at 17 min for fear of overheating/dying alone in the park. Three rounds done. Will try again in the morning.