Monday, 11 July

Meet at Shea Stadium at 0545 for a quick warm up and metcon WOD.

Max distance in 20 minutes:

20 x double unders

200 yard shuttle run (run length of football field, touch endzone and return to start point)

30 seconds of rest

Repeat for 20 mins!
Post total distance run to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

I'm fresh out of a good jump rope, does anyone have an extra they could bring?

Tex said...

I'll bring two.

JC said...

13 rounds of fun. Great work with a great crew this morning.

Tex said...

12 rounds plus DUs and 65 yards. Huge props to JC and Carissa for smoking this one.

Sodak said...

14 rounds n' 18 DU...

I think I went a little longer than everyone else... I decided to scope out michie stadium... 0645 and all is clear.
Thanks for the push!

MikeRothenb said...

12 rounds plus the DU's and 65 yards. i never seem to get better at DU's, i think its a focus thing.

jswobe said...

11 rounds + 20 DUs

(since I was out all last week, I started today's session w/ a CF Total to make up for last Monday...I'll blame my low score for today's WOD on that...and the fact that it was stinkin' HOT outside at lunch...)

It's good to be back from vacation!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


11 rounds + DUs and 120 yards of pure fun.

Adam said...

12 rounds + 20 double unders

Awesome work by the morning crew!