Wednesday, 13 July

Chipper!  you can choose your own rep scheme.  Do whichever execise you'd like, in any order you'd like, for as many reps as you'd like before switching.  Your time stops once you complete all reps for each exercise.  Try to maintain intensity throughout!

200 x double unders
150 x push-ups
100 x med ball cleans (20 lbs.)
50 x kettle bell swings (53/35)
25 x pull-ups
2 x Comm's Loops (500 meters)

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

Wow, that was fun!
37:22 as rx'd.

My original goal was 30 minutes, then it quickly changed to just finishing without dying or quitting. That was a tough one - great work by Matt, Tex, and Carissa!

I attempted to do max reps on each exercise for one round and then repeating. I thought that mixing it up would keep me fresh, but I think it ended up just beating me down. The med ball cleans were by far my biggest challenge - legs were toast! Good times!!

Sodak said...


Well that was not an easy one for rock math kids. I tried for a long time last night to find a way to break it up into sets but then i fell asleep.
Thanks for all the coaching and a great WOD. See you all tomorrow.

Tex said...

Did Russian KB Swings because of shoulder. All else as rx'd.

Great WOD. I just wanted to give up on the run.

Sweddy said...

33:57 As RX'd. Tough WOD!

jswobe said...


I agree - that was kind of fun. I broke it down as follows:

500m run
DUs / Push-ups / MBCs
500m run
KBS / Pull-ups

Seemed to work well. I think keeping track of reps was probably the trickiest part.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


Ouch, I can't say anymore that has already been said. Great work by everyone.

As Rx'd: 25:55

kseki said...

Greetings from Oakville, WA.... Just wanted to pop on here and thank B&G for getting me addicted to Crossfit. I will be randomly cherry-picking from your blog until I find an affiliate out here. No equipment or gym out here but did your Mon WOD this morning at local highschool field.. 12 rounds plus DUs and approx 50 yards.

Adam said...

kseki, glad you are still getting after it! CF is more addictive than crack and much healthier also! Best of luck getting settled.