Wednesday, 6 July

5 Rounds for Time:
15 steps (total) of Overhead carry (95/65 lbs.)
15 x Front squat (95/65)
50 x double unders (or 200 single unders)
15 x ring push-ups

Scale weight as needed to maintain intensity.

NOTE:  Overhead carry can start from the rack, but if you need to drop the weight during the walk, then you have to get it back overhead via snatch, clean & jerk, or another method.
NOTE2:  Front squat starts out of the racks.  If you need to rest, then re-rack - the bar doesn't have to be placed on the ground while resting or between sets.

Post time to comments.


Matt said...


Great WOD. Adam, your programing has been great, and way to push it out this morning.

As Rx'd: 19:38

Going from front squats to double-unders is not what I call pleasant.

Adam said...

Wow, that was a smoker.

24:27 as Rx'd

Thanks to Matt for the push, I wouldn't have broken 25 mins without the motivation. Front squats and ring push-ups really slowed me down.

Tex said...

Can't do overhead carries quite yet, so subbed in front rack carries. Did regular pushups instead of ring.


My shoulders were completely trashed by round 3. Tough WOD.